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Leave A Bigger Gap In The Wet

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Bravus, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. What had already been a pretty crook day almost got quite a bit worse: riding home on wet roads, the car in front of me shaped to go through an orange light then changed its mind at the last moment and braked hard.

    No way I was going to be able to stop in time, but I'm experienced enough to brake hard then get off the brakes and look for a way 'round. Found one and stopped near the front of the car, to the right.

    I'd yelled, but not really at the driver, just in fear, and I didn't blame him/her: I should have left more space in the wet.

    Would have utterly sucked to have a crash, even a non-injury one, in the cold and wet and dark.

    But it's all in the attitude: I *didn't* crash! So that's a win!
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  2. Good job mate, that counts as a big win!
  3. (y) No crash is always a win.
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  4. Nice escape man, I'm finding it a constant battle to slap down my confidence level, as I'm a noob it's usually to low which is not a bad thing I guess, but my confidence seems very impatient, it's always trying to race ahead of ability or the conditions.

    Good advise from you and a good reminder to give myself another mental slap. Cheers.
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  5. I annoys me when someone post "slow down in the wet" on those electronic motorways signs. The message should be "leave a bigger gap in the wet".
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  6. ibastibast - with some of the nematodes driving around these days I think the "slow" version is quite valid. But they should add the "gap" version too. In fact a big sign saying "just go home and stop driving forever!" would be my preferred option.... :D
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  7. Good work. Just out of curiosity though, given the light was amber, were you already slowing or were you planning on following the car through the lights?
  8. Yeah, I thought there was heaps of time and was planning to go through after him/her. I'd just changed into the lane, which is part of why I was closer than I'd like, but yeah, that was the plan, otherwise I'd have been slowing well before this: we're talking maybe 5 m before the lights, in slow traffic.
  9. Usually when I'm in that situation, wet or dry, I expect the car in front to stop so ride accordingly....
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  10. I don't like it because you will always get tha one muppet doing half the limit whilst the rest of the motrway plays dodgems in the wet to miss him. I'd rather have the mentality shifted to the importance of gap rather than speed, because going to slow in the wet or in the fog can be more dangerous.
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  11. Yep, good call, another valuable lesson from this experience.
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  12. Yup but that selfsame muppet would be doing exactly the same in the dry anyway - I know who you're talking about, the silly buggers at 20km/h under the limit who just clog up the traffic regardless of weather...

    Problem with leaving bigger gaps (as as discussed in the roadcraft thread a few weeks ago) is that as soon as you open a suitable "hole" in front of you, some other moron is going to move into it. So you move back to leave a gap, and it happens again. So I actually think a slightly slower overall speed of general traffic flow is better in the wet.
  13. If you are going to have the same throughput of traffic in the wet, you could have: same gaps and slower traffic, or same speed but larger gaps. Both will flow less traffic that in the dry, hence there will be more delays, leading to more stupid behaviour.

    Don't forget you also get the public transport people who don't like walking in the rain, so they add to the traffic. In the rain, expect delays, leave a larger gap. Expect someone to try to fill it occasionally, and ride accordingly.
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  14. My rule is to expect anyone in striking distance of my bike to do exactly the wrong thing at the worst time possible for me, so I try to plan accordingly.
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  15. I am guilty of forgetting and riding too close in the wet regularly. Then I remember in about my 2nd month of riding, I did the newbie slam on the front newbie thing they try to train out of you in the wet and went down. I try to leave a big gap and just suck it up when someone fills it and back off again & some one cuts in and back off again & again... I did read one time somewhere on NR that your 2nd or 3rd year is when you get overconfident, relax & have a bad one. Had an almost bad SMIDYS this morning to remind me.
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  16. I usually leave a gap of a few centimeters either side of my mirrors in the rain.......
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  17. i've had plenty of close calls like that.

    until today.

    I wonder how much front fairings cost
  18. Hey hillsy, I recognise that Gibson Font.
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  19. Good spotting, I did that for a custom headstock.
  20. Check your mirrors before hitting the anchors though, as you never know what the person behind you is up to.. :/
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