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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ibast, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. So I've started a search for leather. I currently own an old leather jacket and some draggins.

    I ride to work every day, a fair distance, so what I am after is a more touring orinented set up. I'd also like a thermal liner for winter and some armour, just in case.

    At this stage I haven't decided whether I want a 2-piece or just a jacket and stick with the draggins.

    What has struck me so far is most of what is out there is either race oriented of cruiser oriented. There is not much sports-tourer/commuter/tourer out there.

    Also, everything seems dear. There is not much in the wasy of 2-piece stuff for less than $1600.

    and I'm very skeptical about construction. I've seen some stuff fall apart in small crashes because of single stitching. So buying a US brand over the internet is pretty much out.

    Also the US stuff doesn't seem cheap enough?

    Any thoughts anyone? How do you rate the varies brands?

    e.g. is Spidi a lower quality than Alpinstar. Are dianese overrated? The AGV products seem a bit cheaper. Is that reflected in the quality?
  2. Well the only advise I can offer is that I have a Dainese jacket as do 5 other friends that I ride with and we all love them... they are so very comfortable, good quality as will keep you cosy all year round. Although all these jackets are of the more race variety. Still as I said they are very comfortable for a commute.
  3. I recently picked up a 2-piece RST set, RRP $990.

    Quality seems great, triple stitching etc and they're pretty comfy. Speak to Scumbag and the team down at Moto One, they have loads of sizes.

    Cheapest option and least lairy is to buy separate pants and jacket that zip together. Pop into PoS.
  4. If you can't find much in 2pce under $1600 you're not looking hard enough!
  5. Thanks guys, thats already a few leads. The Underdaog stuff looks not bad.

    And yeah I've only just started looking.
  6. Judging by the brand names mentioned at the end of ibast's post (Spidi, AlpineStar, Dianese, etc) i'd say that the focus is on the boutique range of leathers and as such thats why the prices are so high. If you look around at some of the more budget range you'll find the colours aren't as flashy but you'll get the same protection, stitching, leather and armour as the more expensive brands.
  7. Triway,

    I make it five, as I don't consider $1540 and $1595 significantly less than $1600, and I;m not a women and I'm looking for a 2 piece suit.

    Triway and Koma,

    Until I had posted my search had only revealed these brands. the exception being R-Jays, but I'm not interested in them.

    The SCR stuff seems cheap enough, but it too race oriented for what I want.

    The Walden miller I had seen. Does anyone have knowledge on this product?
  8. What about Joe Rocket??? I like that brand and the two jackets that I own were really cheap.

    The leather one was $278 in Action Motorcycles in the city. I saw the same one three days later at the Sydney City Motorcycles Casula opening going for $500.

    The model I have is the Mercury. I hace the red and black one. Really nice, confy, removable inner linning, vents, etc.

    Go to the shops and have a look beacuse the the leathers I have seen are usually more expensive online.

  9. I looked at some Joe Rocket fabric stuff when I was looking for some gloves at the begining of winter (I looked at a few different products in their range).

    To be honest, I wan't impressed with the quality.

    I havn't ruled them out, but they would have to be very cheap and I would have to get some more evidence to their quality.

    Does anyone know what sort of price Quinn leathers go for and how yo go about getting them?
  10. Underdog are no more.
  11. You can visit Quinn as I did a couple of days ago, iBast, they are up past Kurrajong, just before the twisty bits of the Bells..... They've been in the game for a long time, and their stuff is more traditional. I think they started out doing speedway leathers back in the sixties(?)....
  12. Wow, these guys are competative. Not much of a range and you need to buy the pants and jacket seperatly, but they do zip together.

    For the price they are you could afford to buy 2-3 set compared to the others.

    Good simple styling too.

    Has anyone had any experience with them?

    Also, what do you measure? I know the charts are there, but do you measure naked and get exactly that or with all your winter stuff underneath and allow a bit more?

    I'm not sure whether the charts already allow for this.

    Shame about Underdog too.


    Thanks for the bit about Quinn. From memory I like their retro styleing, though I havent seen some for a while. Did you get an idea of price while you were there? hundred or thousands?
  13. My brother recently bought a two-piece Laro suit, although it's probably too early to comment on quality, etc. I think he paid around 800 with some customisation.
    Here's the details for Quin Leathers
    Quin Leathers
    989 Bells Line Of Road Kurrajong 2758(02) 4567 7384
  14. Yeah i have a Laro leather jacket. It is great quality. Strong leather, double layer in impact zones, removable quilted liner (vest), Zips to pants, and has vent zip on the Biceps, and a waist compression strap.

    The only down side is it is alittle 'roomy' on me because of my tall thin build. To get the correct length in the arms means i end up with it loose in the arms and torso. Not all a bad thing though because with a jumper underneath it fits perfectly.

    I'd pay the little extra and get it custom sized. The owner is a champion to talk to as well. He is very excited with a new range they'll be releasing soon, which includes a sporty jacket that will be around $450.
  15. Not the best pic of me or the jacket but it gives you an idea. I'm about 6'1 and 75kg

  16. I bought a pair of Laro's Track pants. From what I've seen so far they are of good quality and well worth the money spent (even more so since I got them for $124). The knee sliders are just thick/heavy plastic but what do you expect? Most people use custom ones anyhow.

    The service I received from Anthony (the guy who runs it) was very good and quick. He's a rider himself so that helps.

    I recommend them as well as RM Gear.