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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Snowman, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Ive just bought myself a set of 2 piece leathers and the pants feel way too tight. They fit well around my waist but when sitting on the bike with them zipped together, they pull uncomfortably on the back of the jacket, also there is a lot of pressure from the suit pulling on my knees and i can barely bend my legs. I know leathers do stretch a bit but how much will they give? I was able to ride my bike around town ok but im not sure I would be able to stick my knee out very far if i find myself on some twisty roads.

    Should I swap the pants for a size up?

    Should I HTFU and bend them to my will? :p
  2. A good pair of leather pants should have the kevlar stretch panels in the crotch to allow get your knee out.

    Maybe try the next size up on and sit on a bike to see how it feels.
  3. What he said.

    Gotta buy them longer because the real purpose of them is for use in an extreme position, legs bent. So when trying them on standing up, remember that part :p
  4. Sweetie different manufacturers have differing fits, some of those continental labels are a little undersized, although no matter what brand many are conceived in Pakistan.

    What was your purchase criteria?
  5. the weird thing is they fit well length wise, it just feels like the knee cups are in the wrong spot for me, i think this suit is built for short stocky guys and im skinny lol
  6. yeah ive heard of a website called alibaba where you can get really cheap stuff sent over

    what do you mean criteria? what do i want them for?

    track days and twisties.

    im going for a ride tonight and going to try and break them in, i picked up some slazenger slyx today which make them way more comfortable to move in.

    The suit is a new one by Rev'it! by the way!
  7. The leathers I have are the only ones I've ever had, but I've learned a few things. Even with stretch panels at the crotch, if you order them (or get 'em off the wrack) with generous amounts of ball room, you will find it hard to get your knees far enough apart. The crotch of the leathers does need to be a pretty snug fit or it's very hard to assume the position.

    [grin] Now watch the rat and the monkey make a banquette of that line.
  8. See I dont have that issue - I have a vagina (fyi Rouge1 :p)
  9. You have feel how they fit while sitting on a bike similar to your (or your bike if it' there.)
    Move around on the bike, and try the full range of movement.

    Then leathers WILL take on your shape, but if they are too restrictive it is unlikely they will stretch THAT much.

    The important part for me, was thigh length...hips/crutch to knee measurement. Mine have turned to be a little short just there, which limits my leg spread, even though I have the stretch panels.

    I'd go back and check the next size up, but don't go oversize.

  10. Step 1. Go for a ride.
    Step 2. Keep going until it starts raining.
    Step 3. Ride until your leathers are soaked through.
    Step 4. Keep riding till your leathers are dry.

    If they're still no good afterwards, you know they're either too small or too big.
  11. We went for a long ride today and they seem to have stretched in. They still feel very tight but they no longer restrict me from getting off the bike.

    I cant take them back now they stink of sweat and dead bugs :p