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leathers/knee sliders please help!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by come_down, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. I bought some klucky puck sliders from motomummy about 2 weeks ago, but they are stuffing around with my order and i am pretty sure they wont be posted let alone delivered before the next trackday... so i continued to search on ebay for another pair in the hope that i'd find something that will arrive before the 4th of july.

    anyway, i came across an ad that said:
    "These sliders have the 'hook' (hard and rough) on the slider, your pants should have the 'loop' (soft and fuzzy). This is the way 90% of all leathers and leather pants are set up. There are 'reverse loop' sliders, these are not them. The 'hook' will be on the pants and the 'loop' will be on the slider."

    so it got me wondering whether my AXO leathers had the fuzzy loops or the scratchy hooks.... and it turns out i am one of the unfortuneate 10%. :(

    can those of you who have leathers with sliders please tell me what brand your gear is, and whether you have hook or loop on your pants?

    and if anyone can advise where i can get "loop" sliders from that'd be great too. Lucky my order isn't going so smoothly so i may be able to cancel the klucky's if they dont match my pants.

    thanks in advance,
  2. Hi Jack, I also have axo leathers. I made a double sided velcro patch so I could run off the shelf sliders. Good luck
  3. Yeah, if worst comes to worst you can just get a piece of fuzzy fabric and cut an adaptor patch. Meantime phone all your local bike shops to see if they have that slider in stock.
  4. Ian Wiltshire sells a range of sliders, send him a PM, I am sure he will be able to help you out.
  5. I have Alpinestars pants and they have the hook on the sliders and the loop on the pants.
  6. I have RST and Joe Rocket pants. Both have hook on the slider and loop on the pants so mine are no help to you.
  7. you could always have whatever is on your pants replaced with either the hook or the loop depending on what you need
  8. thanks guys. I did see some knee sldiers that come with stitch on furry pads but i dont see how i can stich them. how the heck do i fit leather pant legs into a sewing machine? also would need some sort of heavy duty stitching...

    i also made the mistake of trying on a dainese 1 pc suit jsut for fun.... i frikken love it the feel is 10 times better than my slightly oversized axo one. the quality is remarkable. but i cant afford it and now it keep thinking of how nice it would be to own it :(

    thank again guys looks like i will hav eto try harder in hunting down some axo replacement pads (even though they are soft as butter and not durable at all).
  9. Take some special skills to sew leather.