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Leathers in the wet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by zxparker, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Hi People....

    My wife isabout to start riding a FZR when its finally fixed, long story and wont go there.... I am wondering what the consequences are of wearing leathers in the wet? We have gone out and got her leather pants and jacket and cant really afford textile rain gear as well at the moment. I she was to wear the leathers in the wet, other than being really uncomfortable the next day if she has to ride again, would anything else happen to our expensive gear? Shrinkage when they dry, so on???

  2. Do cows shrink after rain? SHe will have wet leathers, end of story.
  3. She's going to get cold and if the leathers stay damp she'll stink too.

    You're in Melbourne: you are going to use your winter gear for about 8-9 months out of every 12. Based on that and considering summer is pretty much over, it makes sense to invest in good winter gear. You could look at something like a hurricane suit though?
  4. Treat the leathers with SnoSeal. Only need to do it once every 12 months.

    That reminds me, I gotta do my new cow
  5. :LOL: :LOL: having images of shrunken cows. But seriously, no they won't shrink, but thinking that leathers will keep you warm is a bit of a mistake. They don't really and if they are wet and I mean really wet, it becomes a really chilly, clammy and horrible experience wearing them, especially in Winter. Make sure that if they get really wet, you apply something like Renapur to keep them in good condition. You should do this anyway, but especially if they get wet. Wet leathers can also take a long time to dry out properly.

    But I wash ours in the laundry trough every now and again with some Lux, rinse them well, bung them in the washing machine for a spin and then hang them up in an airy place (from our garage ceiling) and then apply Renapur, let the leather absorb the product and then wipe the excess off. I have had the same pair of leathers since 1998 and they are fine. A little tight from time to time, but perhaps that is just food!

    Why not invest in one of those all in one Rivet Rainlock suits to go over the leathers, they are cheap, keep the rain out and fold down to a quite small size.
  6. My bastard flatmate lost my good yellow goretex jacket. THe last year ozpost issued them too., If anyone has one to flog?

    Yeah most wet clothing pongs if it aint dried right. But thats not hard. I am usually too scared in the wet to be cold but thats just me

    If the stitching aint treated right it might rot too. But its going to have to be pretty well not looked after for that to happen. MY old shoei leathers must be 15 or 20 years old and they are fine. The new stuff is better tho

  7. Leather turns to something similar to wet cardboard when it gets wet. Might as well just wear shorts a tshirt in the wet if it's all you have.
  8. Thatll shock a few cows
  9. The best solution, I think. It will cost you less than 100 bucks, and will solve your problems!
    PS. I don't know if cows shrink in the rain, but who knows for sure just where do ponies come from? They could be horses that stayed out in the rain for too long... So better be careful.
  10. I have one of these. Works wonders. Problem solved.

    Keeps you reasonably warm too as it's air-tight as well, so in the cold rain you stay both dry and warm, even just when wearing leathers with one of these things over the top.
  11. Tailus... are you claiming that leathers ability to protect us is useless once we've got them wet?

    ie: just shaving away like any old pair of jeans?
  12. Put down, and step slowly away from the crack-pipe please.
  13. I notice they still wear leather in the wet in GP?
  14. I was told by my instructor then had the idea backed up by an indipendant party later on. Maybe they were wrong.
  15. Tailus, I was very perplexed by this theory that you are espousing. :? I thought "gosh maybe he is right". So I turned around and asked my Husband who fell off in pouring rain at a race meeting at Phillip Island (Hartwell used to be very good at picking rainy cold days) several years ago and asked him how his t-shirt and shorts held up. He looked a tad confused and then announced that his leathers worked just fine and acted just like he expected leathers to that in that they protected him.

    I wear leathers in the wet (and the dry), but I do wear a suitable waterproof covering over them. I have been wet in leathers in the past, it isn't pleasant. :(
  16. Ahh see I think that's because you're wearing cardboard or mdf, not leather.
  17. ROFLMAO!
  18. Personally i think it isn't good for leathers to get soaking wet, the leather seems to dry out somewhat.
    Treating your leathers with something like Renapur helps to give them some sort of water proofing as well as rejuvenating leathers after they have been extremely wet.
    If you must wear only leathers, consider getting some sort of wet weather gear that you can wear over the top. Alpinestars make a top and bottom that i have found to be very good! (Can't remember what they were called though)
  19. And if you ride in the wet and don't take peoples advice to dry them properly and treat with a decent leather treatment afterwards then the leather will eventually crack and dry out.

    Leaving the leather feeling harder and much less supple.
  20. i might be wrong i guess.