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Leathers in the rain

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sk11tz, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Hi guys

    I was riding with my brand new leather jacket last night, and was fortunate enough to be 20mins from home when it started pouring down.

    Would this likely ruin my jacket? Can I apply some sort of protector now, or is it too late for that?

  2. Don't think you will have an issue unless you bought a suede jacket. I've ridden through rain in mine a bit and it's still as new. So unless they put something special on it pre sale yours should hold up too.
  3. dry it out properly and put some leather conditioner on it. should really condition it before you ride in it.
  4. It will be fine. Just don't let it dry crumpled, and don't try to heat it.
    Hang it and let it dry naturally. When it is dry apply some sort of leather conditioner to it.

    I use <something that I can't remember the name of ... something like robopur?> which is very good and also helps to water-proof the leather.

  5. hang on the back of a chair / zipped up on coat hanger undercover outside until dry, then condition.
  6. Where can I get a good leather protector?

    Its an alpinestars jacket, so its not suede. But its taking its time to dry out due to the lousy weather here in syd.
  7. yep it will shrink like cow also do when they get wet :rofl:
  8. Renapur?
  9. Correct.

    I must have had some sort of Robocop/Renapur mergation happening in my head.

    You can buy it here:

  10. That's because you look like Robocop in your gear perhaps?
  11. Its completely ruined now. Ill give you $20 for it just because Im feeling generous.
  12. correct me if i'm wrong, but i thought that's a perfect time for your jacket to get wet as it will break in easier/faster