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Leathers in Thailand

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by slickncghia, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. G'day Guys and Girls.

    I'm in thailand for a little bit (bkk atm)

    Does anybody know of any places that do custom bike leathers.

    Theres not much of a big bike scene over here but from memory an aussie company was getting there leathers made here.

    Anyway if anyone knows anything please let me know.

    lets not turn this into a quality debate please.

  2. Ok :)

    But please have a good look at anything before you buy, check over the type and regularity of the stitching, type of hide, type of armour, good quality sheared elastic etc.
  3. Don't buy leathers like piece of shit Rjays that are made from multiple pieces of leather. Essentially they are patchwork leathers sewn together from throw away garbage.

    This rule applies ESPECIALLY FOR PANTS.

    Look at how Dainese does their leathers, big, nice pieces of leather, seems and stitching where necessary and not because the suit is pieced together with rubbish.
  4. ok, advise from a local

    I know of two places that sell leather. The Paddock on Ratchadapisek Road near Din Daeng underground station


    and Dirt Shop on Onnut Road


    Both shops are fairly expensive, with Dirt shop being the pricier of the two but more honest.
    Paddock can have some good prices on old stock but are less trustworthy.
    The Alpinestars Tech 1-R One Piece Leather Suit is 600$US more expensive at The Paddock than at sportbiketrackgear.com
    I buy my leathers from the internet. Even with customs duties, it still works out cheaper than buying them here.