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Leathers - how should they feel?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by demuire, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. My Dririder Drimesh is a bit too cold for even Queensland winter, and short of trying to fit it over a jumper, I've been thinking of getting another jacket for cooler weather. For reference my Drimesh is a size 48/38S.

    I've been thinking of getting a leather jacket (perhaps the Dyno from RM Gear), and went to try a few on today. The place I went to didn't have much choice in sizes, so I didn't get to try very many on. Tried an AGV Sport (which I'm told is a similar cut to A*, which is apparently similar to RM Gear?) and it felt really heavy, stiff and really not very comfortable at all. When I was in the riding position, the sleeves were about the right length, but the chest area bulged out like a mushroom. When just standing up straight sleeves were too long and the rest of the jacket felt just generally a bit too big. Size was 50/40. Perhaps a 48/38 would have fit? Would the sleeves be too short?

    Tried on a Collins 48/38, and while the jacket seemed to generally fit me (shoulders, back length, sleeves etc), it was ridiculously tight around my wrists and forearms, to the extent of being really quite uncomfortable. It was also rather snug most everywhere else, and it also appears to be shorter than my Drimesh so much so that when I lean over, it rides up a fair bit...

    What are leathers meant to feel like? I'm guessing it'll "wear in" and become more supple. Should I be getting something that's really tight in the shop so that it will stretch, or should I get something that actually fits off the shelf?

    Tried on a few of the Ixon textile jackets, and they feel so much better off the shelf, but I guess that's because they're textile... I really like the Ixon Ironman (hybrid leather/textile) too, but they didn't have any sizes to fit me :(
  2. I'm looking at buying a full set of leathers at the moment too, and my position on this is that they should feel good off the rack. They should be comfortable to stand in and to sit on your bike and move around in.

    If they're "mushrooming" or restricting your movement it's simple - they're the wrong cut for you. You'll have to try on some different brands.

    Find something that fits you well off the rack, and then it'll gradually wear in to feel great - rather than getting something NQR and hoping it will eventually stretch to "good." These things are bloody expensive, don't go laying your money down unless you're confident the purchase is gonna last you.
  3. I guess that makes it even harder to buy something I can't try on like RM Gear :( Although they're apparently an identical cut to the A* jackets...
  4. Ah yes, there's nothing quite like leather...


  5. Coo, let me know how you go, as i am finding the xvent2 a little chilly at 6am and after 6pm.... leather jacket is next on the shopping list, maybe after another new helmet.....
  6. When you first get your leather, they might not feel the best, but they will stretch in the required place to fit like a glove after only a few rides.

    Mine were REALLY tight and I had trouble even throwing a leg over the bike much to the amusement for all at Westside Coffee. (I did look hot though :wink: )

    After 4-5 decent rides they started to feel like a second skin and I have lost a few kg's since then and they fit even better now. I can even wear a back protector under them all day and still be comfy.

    Saying all this, they still have to be somewhat comfy straight off the rack.

    Love my leathers.
  7. well my 2c worth!

    I bought an A* stunt jacket and because I had never worn a leather jacket I had no bloody idea how they should feel. But after 3,000kms I think I made the right choice.

    Jacket felt very tight around my mid section and you are spot on if it bunches up when in riding position don't bother. Leather does not feel comfortable standing around or walking, sit on a bike in the shop to test it.

    Sizes between manufacturers are not always a good guide, some jackets are snug fitting others not. All manufacturers jackets are different cuts, even the same company will make jackets that feel different.

    SO it must be tight and you must at the very least sit on a bike to test. Good luck and leather is very cool :cool:
  8. I've got an agv sport jacket (48), I'm really pleased with the fit and quality for the price. It does seem a bit looser in the chest area, but it also feels alright when walking around, which not all that Itried did. I certainly didn't want to pay huge bucks just for a brand logo either. It's loosened up well over time, and now fits like a well worn glove. I'm planning to buy the pants soon.

    I wouldn't buy anything that feels too tight in any area (wrists, arms) as it's not going to ever feel any better, and the last thing you want when riding is to be worrying about your gear.

    Edit: AGV Sport is not the same brand as AGV (helmets).
  9. Thanks for the input :)

    Bix: Even the xvent2 is too chilly? Hmm, bugger, I was thinking of getting a jacket like that (ie, non-mesh textile). Still liking the Ironman rather much, and can get it for low $300's I think :) And the fact that it's waterproof where as far as I know most other leather jacket's aren't, is a bonus...
  10. Demuire: the xvent 2 is a mesh jacket, though a little more closed than some fo the others.
  11. They should be tight-ish to start with, so you can stretch them in to where they need to be.

    Custom fit is the way to go, really, as unless your Joe-Average it's unlikely off-the-shelf ones are going to fit you the way they should. And there are safety concerns for leathers that don't fit properly!
  12. I have to add a vote for custom fit. While I had little choice (no one makes 'tall' sizes these days), after seeing how many measurements go to make a custom fit I cant imagine the atypical off the rack fit being sufficient unless you actually are Joe Average.

    Your leathers need to be tights (without cutting off circulation) when you first get them as they will stretch a bit. Part of the protection of the leathers is that they wont move around if you have an off. They will stretch with a couple of uses. A tip I was offered - baby oil helps on the joints.

    If you look, netrider members get a discount from Underdog leathers. Thats what I wear, very happy with both the quality and the price.
  13. Would you need to wear a jumper under a leather jacket? I've not got a leather jacket, but i'd guess that on cold nights (ipswich actually does get sort of cold) you'd still want to wear a jumper or thermals under the jacket. Might want to take this into consideration when you're trying on sizes.

  14. I contacted Underdog Leathers.... The reply I got was that they don't custom fit any more, and then magically their prices jumped a wopping $300 on their one piece suits, from $800 to $1100. That's one huuuuge increase. Cows must now be on endagered list.


    The Pup.
  15. Bizzare.

    Certainly, the prices on the underdog website appear to have gone up. All I can tell you is that when I bought my suit from Joe I was more than happy with the service and quality of the product. It was around 2 years ago of course...
  16. Whoa. I saw the $300 price hike, but I didn't realise they're not custom fitting any more... Bugger. Tiger Angel it is then, if these RJAYS and IXON things I'm trying at bikemart on Satdy are no good.
  17. That going to be a lot of dead cows there fatboy :wink: :grin:
  18. My leathers are a no-name brand i bought them with my bike. But they are made by Australian protective clothing or some such. Were relatively cheap when i got them, but got a discount with the bike.

    My leathers fit awesome now. The jacket was good when i bought, and is excellent now. The pants were a tad tight, but that maybe because i was excited. They are a good fit though.
  19. Groberts you scrawny farker.... at least he'll be able to use most of the cow with minimal waste... You, you need leathers made from a goat! :LOL:
  20. Thats why i dont wear leathers, they brought in a Humane Animal Policy that ya cant kill more than 5 cows for a set of leathers :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers :cool: