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Leathers for road riding

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Simonr23, May 25, 2016.

  1. id like to buy a 2 piece leather suit(right word?) for road riding. I do t have lots of money, but would like the extra protection incase I come off.

    What sort of price am I looking at for something 'off the shelf' (Internet) vs custom sized(Adelaide)

    So far I've found shark leathers and they have a cheap option for 550. Would this be better than my current draggin jeans(knee guards too) and textile jacket(dri rider climate control 3)

  2. keep your eye on here in the FS section.
    also gumtree is a good place to keep an eye out, if you don't mind second hand. some stuff on there is barely worn.
    ebay aslo have some pretty good deals too.

    really depends on if you want quality/second hand etc...
    i mean you can get knock off Alpine stars leather jackets now on ebay for $250 inc post "BUT" you get what you pay for imo.
    i recently bought a legit Alpine stars jacket second hand for $250 off gumtree in excellent cond, but it also comes with all the proper "certified" armor etc.
    i very much doubt the knock off do...

    now i don't know a real lot, but my leather jacket is more suited for summer mild cold weather and the dririder gear i have can be used for both cold and warm climates.
    but i think i prefer to have the leather on, with all the armor etc if i was to come off at higher speeds.
  3. Search for the facebook group 'Track Junkie sales' - I often see posts on leathers etc
  4. Its hard to recommend cheap leathers as there are no standards or ratings in Australia at the moment so for most things you don't know the quality. Suspect what you have is as good as cheap leathers. Oddly enough the Aldi leathers meet European standards. I think they sell them in August.
    I have good brand (Tiger Angel) leathers I got cheaply on e-bay.
    After I was knocked off my bike, luckily wearing good textiles, I got rid of my cheap gear.
    There's a review of the shark leathers here
    Shark Leathers Faster two-piece road suit - Motorbike Writer
    but he hasn't crash tested them.
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  5. I brought my a* two piece suit from Peter Stevens for $530
    Keep your eyes out and talk to people
    There ere bargains out there
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  6. I bought a Ricondi set of leathers off of the FS section here for like $300. Sweet deal.
  7. It's good you are thinking about protection and what if. There are too many singlet and shorts riders out there (which sends chills down my spine) my opinion is you get what you pay for. I have read some terrible stories about cheap leather suits. So my advice is stick to well known brands. But as others have said with eBay and gumtree there is some bargains out there to be had. Just be sure of sizing when buying online. Nothing beats going to a shop and trying on a few different suits to determine the right fit for you.
  8. Some fakes out there on ebay, Gumtree as well so be careful.

    I would visit the big name shops and keep an eye out for sales.
  9. Leathers may not offer the best protection or comfort for road riding.
    The important thing is you 1) Wear the gear- and are comfortable in it, 2)All skin is covered 3) All joints are protected with armour 4)Wearing good boots and gloves 5)Wearing a good full face helmet

    Personally if you have $300 to spare I'd do a advanced riding course -
    I've shredded a few sets of protective gear and am satisfied with the protetion level of a good textile jacket, ofcoarse for trackdays I wear leather