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Leather zip fixers - melbourne

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by fortysix, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Is there someone in melbourne who fixes leathers? My zips broke and was just wondering if anyone knows where i can get em' fixed. thanks :cool:

  2. Katcando Leather Repairs in Healesville 0448 244 752

    She's put a new zip in my jacket, and did a connecting 1/4 zip from the jacket to the pants.
    Great job, can highly recommend. Plus she is a partner trader to the site :)
  3. There is also a guy at 266 Centre Road Bentleigh (9557 5808) who will put a zip in for $20. Is also highly recommended
    He just does motorcycle clothing
  4. Failing those guys - Evan's shoe repairs in the Royal Arcade is an absolute gun at fixing leather. I took him a pair of (high heel) boots and he replaced the zip and used the original needle holes to stitch in the new zip. He does a lot of "fine work" and I haven't had any problems with any of the repair jobs I've had done.
  5. Replaced all the zips on my Joe Rocket jacket by clothing alterations guy in Bell St Coburg near Sydney Rd corner, 1st class work.
  6. thanks very much guys for the fast response, as i need to get it fixed before friday for broadford. very much appreciated :LOL:
  7. That would be the starider shop yeah?
  8. ermm, maybe not. There is a guy down there who makes his own leathers which are very reminiscent of the ones in Police Academy...


    When I asked him about sportbike leather all I got was a blank stare.
    He seemed a nice enough chap (geddit?) but I decided to go elsewhere.
    Maybe that's the one?
  9. No Vic, it is not the Starider Store as we are in North Road, Ormond and we don't do alterations. We send any person who wants alterations there as he does first class work.

    And no, I do not get anything for recommending him and no I do not even get a discount for him doing my work ;)
  10. went to the one in coburg where rod sent me. Very good job, recommended :)

    thnks for the help :LOL:
  11. Sweet.

    I need the zip on my piss poor quality AlpineStars Stunt Jacket repaired.
    So much quality in the leather then they go and skimp on super crap zips.

    Bloody pakis :mad:

    oh, and I never suggested that you were plugging him ;)

    amn that sounds wrong :shock:
  12. Seems to be a re-occuring complaint lately since A.S. moved to China. They left Pakistan a while ago.

  13. Glad I could help. :)