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Leather vests?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by philmydang, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. I've always wondered what was the point of wearing these. I understand that clubs have their patches sewn into them but I noticed afew guys on the weekend wearing tshirts and vests with generic skulls and what not printed on the back. It got me wondering if this is purely a fashion statement, or do they offer some kind of protection/armour.

    Thoughts please.

  2. What do you reckon Phil?
  3. I think were all aware of what type of riders they were, but may you enlighten us on their personal choice of vehicle?
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  4. Well I first thought that it was just a poor fashion statement, but then I wondered if they might've had back/spine protectors in there or something.

    I'm guessing they don't?
  5. Motorcycles, duh :p

    But seriously I'm not here to bash the HD crowd, I just thought there might have been a legit reason for the vests that I haven't thought of. They'd probably be more comfortable, but if they offer no protection, so is a t-shirt i suppose. Each to their own.
  6. Your guess would probably be right.
  7. If you took a protective motorcycle jacket and took away all the protective bits, youd be left with one of those vests.
  8. Same reason to wear an open face helmet! I wear a vest (no, not a HD rider) as it's comfortable I suppose?

    Same reason guys wear sneakers, thongs, shorts, no gloves etc. Sometimes you just can't be bothered suiting up. Dangerous I know.

    I guess us 'vesties' wonder why anyone would be caught dead in a full matching suit to match the colours of the bike and helmet. Each to their own though. Thats the beauty for biking. We embrace individuality....mostly!!!
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  9. Exactly. I have no problem with people choosing what they want to wear on their bike. As a relatively new rider, I padded up for every ride religiously in the early times. Now I'm a bit more selective - draggins and a light jacket for around town mostly, full leathers for twisties, etc etc. Having ridden and observed other riders more now, I understand the philosophy of "it's my body, my risk, and I'll wear what I want". No doubt there are some who wear vests and open face helmets without understanding the potential consequences, but again it's their choice. Still don't understand Gixxer riders with the runners, trackie pants and tshirt though... :)
  10. I don't ride a cruiser, but I do wear a leather vest on occaison. Why, well in the depths winter I wear it over my jacket because it gives some more protection from the cold wind. In summer I wear it over my work shirt because then I've got more pockets to put stuff in, like my mobile phone and smokes.
  11. Looking from a purely logical point of view:

    1) It'd cut the wind, and impacts from bugs, etc.
    2) It'd (help) save the skin on your back in an accident, but the rest of you would still get trashed.

    Beyond that, it'd come down to what the rider likes. And there's nothing wrong with that.
  12. I wear one because I can.
  13. It matches my chaps, :)
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  14. Generally it'll be a fashion statement. OTOH I've got an old leather waistcoat that, for the bits it covers, offers an equivalent level of protection to the unarmoured jackets that we were all wearing up until ~20 years ago 'cos that's all there was. By equivalent, I mean that it's thick hide with good, protected stitching and held shut with a decent quality zip and it reaches the waistband of my trousers. Or used to until it shrank a bit :oops:.

    So yes, if it's stinking hot, I'll ride with it as my sole upper body protection, along with decent gloves, and accept that my arms are vulnerable. My ride, my skin, my choice.
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  15. gives you more horse power
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  16. This.
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  17. I think it's fairly obvious why I wear a leather vest...
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  18. each to their own, but have to admit it does look pretty ****ing gay. especially the ones that lace up down the sides. not that theres anything wrong with flaunting that.
    it does keep the wind chill of your chest though if you get caught out in a cooler run home. you don't want to have your lungs subjected to that.
  19. Bastard.
  20. sorry no offence intended. just how it is.
    ride your own ride, stay loud and proud if that's your thing.
    accessorise with a leather beret perhaps. get that handlebar mo happenning.
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