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leather/synthetic pants wanted to go over work pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by daedalus, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. hi

    i ride to work (10km of sydney cbd traffic).

    I have to wear business attire.

    I am looking for protective pants that i can wear over my work pants, so that at work i dont have to change, i just have to take off the motorcycle pants. I will also want knee pads and maybe even hip protection.

    On weekends I will be wearing the pants without another pants inside, and i dont want it to be too baggy.

    is this possible?

    leather is safer, and i have the budget for it (laro leathers), but the MCAS guys said I will "boil" if i do that.

    what do you guys think?


  2. I'd agree - I wore my work pants under my leathers and got to work to find they were pretty wet from sweating.

    My suggestion would be textiles - I can wear my work pants under my RJays textiles no problem at all plus if it's wet I can still use the wet weather liner. They also keep road crap off the work pants too.
  3. what about wearing leather without the work pants then. if it is perforated is it alot hotter than textiles?
  4. I used to just bring all my work clothes in my bag, and half leave what I need at the office, and go on the bike ATGATT.

    Got too tedious so I just wear the jacket, helmet and gloves now.
  5. You'd be looking for overpants. I have a pair of Ixon Climbers and they work well for riding to and from work. Water proof and zip out winter liner.

    Downside, they do feel baggy when wearing shorts underneath and the knee pads are a bit floaty when not wearing longers pants underneath. They do have a bit of hip protection and a handy sized external pocket.

    I mainly use them for colder riding.
  6. I've got textile overpants and oversized kevlar jeans for summer (it gets hot up here!).

    I might be wrong but I think one of the reasons leather works well is because it fits well.
  7. thanks. are "overpants" simply pants that are bigger? cause i cant seem to find specific "overpants".

    is this what you are talking about:



  8. It's not practical to wear office clothes under leather, really.

    The next issue is whether you ride in all weather or only fine days. Waterproof textile overpants are fine in winter, but even worse than leather in hot conditions, in my experience. It's not the warmth layer, it's the waterproof layer that doesn't breathe. Non-waterproof textile is your best option unless it's actually raining. So you need two pairs.

    But leather is still the best protection. So, are you sure you can't leave your work clothes at the office and change?

    FWIW, I wear some heavy cordura textile MX pants over work pants, (sometimes with MX knee guards). Keeps enough rain off for my short journey.

    Edit: A lot of textile pants are designed to be worn over other clothes (hence 'overpants") and are made baggy for that purpose, but most leathers are not.
  9. Pretty much, here's what mine look like.

    Typically, you buy them a size or two larger than normal to accomodate wearing suit pants etc underneath.
  10. daedalus,

    Give the Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 pants a go. I ordered according to my normal size, and they are just right for wearing over long pants, without being too loose if you've just got shorts on. As long as your suit pants aren't super crushable, the Ballistic pants should be suitable for commuting.

    The Ballistic pants have CE rated armour, foam hip pads, both are adjustable, and the fabric is has reasonable waterproofing even before you use the waterproof liner that comes with the pants.

  11. i have the ixon climber pants aswell and think they would be suitable for what you want, as previously said they have the zip out liner which would allow them to accomodate work pants underneath. i wear them with trackies underneath all the time and they do just fine
  12. go on ebay and get something in textile or draggins a few sizes bigger than you normally wear.
  13. Any pants with a liner would be good i think. Just take the liner out on and there's your room for pants underneath. Then on cold days when your not going to work you have the liner to keep you warm.

    I've only been riding amonth, but i would also recommend leaving your dress shoes at work and wearing boots there if you already don't.
  14. Or you could wear bike pants to work and get changed when you get there. I have been doing that since Dec.

    On monday I take clothes for the week to work and just get changed once there.
  15. yep already doing that!

    thanks everyone will look for overpants or pants with liners that i can take out!
  16. I have tried this and trust me your pants ending up smelling like exhaust fumes, also they get sweaty.

    After many tries I now leave my suits at work and change, on casual days I just roll up a pair of jeans in my bag. This would work with pants as well, if you roll them up they wont wrinkle as much.

    You could always wear a pair of leather jeans to work ! :LOL:
  17. I've got a pair of the Tiger Angel "Elements" cordura pants - you can get them custom fitted (in Melbourne at least) and they will do them so they fit ouver your normal pants. Except for very hot days they work a treat.

    The alternative is to keep a spare pair of work pants at work and change into them when you get there. I do that with shoes.
  18. just bought some rjays synthetic pants with knee and thigh protectors. fits over my workpants with the waterproof lining removed. its perforated for coolness. good value for $170 at MCAS

    will post back on how it goes
  19. I wear:
    * draggin cargo pants over the top of my work stuff.
    * alpine star boots
    * back protector
    * drimesh synthetic or triumph leather jacket

    I chuck the business shoes in the bag along with the business jacket and business socks. Also take a light outer waterproof trousers for the days it might look like rain..