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Leather Summer Jacket - A* GP-R vs Tech 1-R vs RS Taichi

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Hobbsie, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I currently have the SMK leather jacket and track pants, which are awesome but the SMK doesn't cut it on those hot brissy days so I need something with a lot more airflow for summer.

    I don't mind dropping a bit of cash to get something that will last me a while.

    The three jackets i've identified are:


    A* GP-R perf jacket
    looks great
    heaps of perf
    zips into my A* pants without modification

    CE shoulder and elbow armor, but not as strong as the other two.
    no hump


    A* Tech 1-r
    looks even better
    race hump
    lots of protection
    zips into my A* pants without modification

    least perforation
    costs the most


    RS Taichi GMX Motion
    looks great
    heaps of perf
    CE back protector standard
    apparently rs taichi is all great quality stuff
    great armour

    noone sells it in brisbane, not keen to order online when i've never tried an rs taichi jacket

    I've been doing a bit of research and I'm having trouble choosing between the 3 above. I really like the Tech 1-r and can get A* for a good price locally, but i'm not sure how the airflow would perform in 30+ degree days. It doesn't seem to be a pure summer jacket which is what i'm mainly after.

    The GMX motion on the other hand would be perfect I think, but I can't try it on, and the only places that sell it in the US have high shipping fees.

    Can anyone who has worn any of these jackets provide some input?
  2. I can't see the OP in this thread =\

    Which is annoying, because I'm also looking for a summer jacket. At this stage, I've only tried on the Tech 1-R, which was an excellent fit on me. I'd really love to try on the RS Taichi though, as I've heard some great stuff about them.
  3. RS Taichi is a great jacket. Sportsbiketrackgear have got a sale on now I think. Highly recommended. Sorry I dont know about the other two.
  4. In all the reviews I've read everyone loves RS Taichi jackets, suits and gloves.. but apparently the sizing is a bit different to other brands and I like my jackets to fit well so I don't want to order from overseas without trying it on. The old model are only $400 USD plus $60 delivery from sportbiketrackgear though which is a good buy, apparently the RST gear rarely gets discounted.

    I'm probably going to go for a GP-R jacket with the A* chest inserts and forcefield back protector. it Should be plenty of protection for street riding and the extra armour can be used on my SMK jacket too.
  5. I got the Taichi last year, as the Brissy summer is a bit brutal, and I'll only wear leather. I got it from motorcyclegear down in Melbourne, and he (sorry, forgot his name) was truly helpful.
    I had a astar jacket (50), and I have a Dianese (52), and got the taichi in size 54. I remember when I was ordering it the sizes just seemed wrong, but went with it. The jacket is a tad bigger in the stomach/chest region then I'd like, but not massively so; not enough to put you off. In the shoulders it is exactly right. The arms are very long, which is good in the riding position. I'm 177 cm tall, 76kg, and a slimish build (well I'd like to think so).
    Quality is top notch. The perforations are markedly better then on the astar, and the material in the arms makes a huge difference. For the price it is a bloody cheap jacket really.
  6. As far as I know the RS Taichi gear comes in japanese men's sizes and european sizes.. do you know which one you got?
  7. Consider the Shift Vertex jacket which seems to be readily available and nicely perforated at the front.
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    Thumbs up for RS Taichi!

    Have their GMX motion jacket and racing gloves. Visibly better quality than my previous Alpinestars leather jacket.

    Got them from Alex at MRG. New 2012 design is coming soon. He will be at the Sydney motorcycle show this November.
  9. Pretty sure mine is the Euro sizing. The Japanese sizing is, by memory, like a half size, or between the Euro sizes...
  10. Thanks Paul.

    I spoke to Alex from MRG and he gave me a great deal on the new version of the GMX motion plus some GP-WRX gloves so it looks like I'll be going with that option.

    He reckons a size 50 will be suited to my measurements, perhaps the new models are a different fit to the older ones. Either way its good to be buying from an Australian seller, especially considering the price is about the same as from the US.
  11. I pickup a GMX jacket from MRG last week
    Alex's knows what he is on about and the quality is great for the price
  12. I also have the GMX jacket, good fit and plenty of armor. Also have a one piece suit. Best fitting. Not sure if you can tell in my photo.
  13. Good to hear. Ordered the GMX motion last night .. I think I'll go to MRG later when i'm looking for a 1 piece as well, Alex is great.

    That said the A* gear above is meant to be great quality as well, but the GMX has the armour and features of the tech 1-r with the airflow of the GP-R. It also has additional features and supposedly better quality at a lower price .. so its a no brainer really!