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Leather riding pants?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ametha elf, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Im up for some new riding pants and tossing up whether to go for leather. I like the look of them but was wondering what protection they would give and also what they are like in hot weather (I live in Brisvegas).

  2. I like leather in winter, but in summer they are bloody hot. Although you may end up looking like a power ranger, getting light coloured leather is cooler in the sun compared to black leather.

    Leather with shin and knee padding is great protection, but limited to cooler weather. Plus keep in mind youll want to change out of them when you get off the bike.
  3. They look good, they feel hot, the protect well.
  4. you knew it was going to happen, so here it is first...

  5. Perforated leather will be cooler, and elastic stretch panels will also let cool air in and heat out.
  6. I like my Teknics, even in hot weather.
    Yeah, you get hot but that's life if you choose to live outside, right?

  7. I prefer my leather pants to the dri-riders I also have. I sweat buckets in the dri-riders, but the leather breaths. The dri-riders slide on the bike seat but the leathers seem to keep a nice grip.
  8. I've got my draggins for when it's hot and shorter rides, and leather for longer rides. My leather is a bit hot though ( not perforated )

    Check out Storm Leathers they are at salisbury. I brought a 2 pce suit from him.
  9. +1

    Collins leather sell perforated leasther pants.

    you can see them on e-bay
  10. Thanks guys for your help. I havent decided which ones to get yet but will do a thumbs up (or not) (eventually!).
  11. I'd suggest trousers rather than pants but, hey, it's your call
  12. Ummmmm, arent they the same thing??
  13. Not if you're English. In which case the only leather pants you'd find would be in a fetish shop.
  14. Oh, I see. You live and learn every day!!

  15. ..took me forever to get it in my head that a "thong" is a "flip flop" over here too!!.... 8-[

    Yeah!!.. "pants" are knickers in the uk...
  16. lol and a G string is a thong ...
  17. Go see Phil at Hi-side, he does know what he is talking about.
  18. The one time i did blow off safety and wear my riding jeans on a long journey due to heat i regretted it hard. After about two hours they were riding up badly, things were not where they should be, hopping up on the pegs to try adjust, was not cool. This may only be a problem for males, but damn, leather is cooomfy.
    Unless you're going to be spending more time in them off the bike than on, i reckon screw riding jeans.
  19. I started wearing my leather pants/trousers in hot weather when I switched to a bike that has the pipes up under the seat. The leather actually shields me from the heat coming off the pipes! So even though they are hotter when I get off the bike, and a tad warmer overall, they stop the localised heat from the bike.
  20. If you go the leather option MAKE SURE you get a soft elastic section behind the knee. Bunched up leather, rubbing for hours :furious: