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Leather Repair - seams burst open

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by termis, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Anyone have any experience in visiting any leather repair shops? Any clue what the $ damage would be for something like this? (I have no clue -- whether it'd be in the double digits or go into triple digit territory)

    I mean, I heard of Mars Leather in Melb CBD trying to charge like $70 to put on some new zippers on a leather jacket. The suit has already taken a couple hits, so I'd rather not put ton o' cash in it, if that's what it needs...


  2. Though, I haven't visited a lather shop prior to this but I could say that this repair won't cost much. If you would like to get it done at your home you could do it one your own too but you won't get the professional touch that the person in the shop would provide. I would just mend such works on my own and have become quite an expert at it.
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  3. I can't recommend anybody near you, but, as a general guide and based on past experience, I'd expect my local bootmaker to do the job overnight and charge less than $50 for that and to do a damn fine job too.
  4. Take it to
    Matador Leather Clothing
    266 Centre Rd
    it will not cost much
  5. Have had a couple of repairs done at Walkalong repairs in Camberwell. Quality of work is excellent though wouldnt call them super cheap. Perhaps drop in and the guy will give you a quote on the spot. I know Peter Stevens used to refer people to him for dainese repairs.
  6. Expert Leather Repairs and Alterations
    266 Centre Rd
    Bentleigh Ph95577280