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Leather Rental - ACT

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Greentea, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Ive been wanting to go up to Goulburn for awhile now for a bike track day but alas i dont have a set of leathers :(
    Anyone know if there is a place in Canberra or one the way to Goulburn where you can rent leathers for a day?

  2. Should have posted this in Riding Gear. Can someone this move for me please? Thanks.
  3. No, Doesn't need moving. See Hal Caston at TJ's in Canb. He will know
  4. greentea wakefield is one of the only tracks you don't actually require leathers for, if you have a good set of textiles they will be enough (although i know most would prefer leather, lets not have that argument everyone)

    there is a wakefield track day being organised here
  5. Yeah qbnspeedfreak is right, you are actually allowed to ride at Wakefield in draggin jeans and a textile jacket - whether or not you actually want to do that is up to you though :wink:

    I think you should just crack out the credit card and buy a set - that's what I did before my first trackday, and I ended up wearing them all the time... it turned out to be a good decision :)
  6. thats because you would have ended up munted against the munt wall on the snowies :LOL:
  7. If you dont own Leathers Buy some you should have it already ...Ive tried the rest dri rider etc its ok untill it hits the ground then it rolls away from the armor and you might as well be in a t-shirt ...There is a good reason why they stopped its use for track days ..
  8. You can buy cheap 2nd hand ex-race/track day suits from $195 onwards. Also has gloves, boots,helmets too, though why you'd wear a 2nd hand helmet is beyond me......
    Anyhow, here ya's go!

    Ray Quincy
    03 9650 5963
    66 Little Latrobe St
  9. Just buy a new set from america. With the aussie dollar doing so well at the moment it is cheaper to buy from the states than it is to buy stuff here. Although I ordered my leathers from america on 5.4.08 and I am still yet to receive them. Hopefully they will be here this week or the next!
  10. Good work PennyB........

    I did the same last year > bought a Joe Rocket suit that I could not get in AUS anywhere > the model down was going to cost $2700 aus AND take 3 months to come in (what a joke)

    Bought from an Ebay.Com (US) store > who sent as a 'gift' > got the full SBK 1 piece from Joe Rocket for only $1150AUS - with THE most expensive delivery option for GPS tracking and 3 day delivery - including insurance > and it ACTUALLY arrived in 3 days!

    God Bless Ebay.