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VIC Leather racing suit- for a dress up party!

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Millzy555, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. As the title suggests i have a dress up party on the 15th October, im going as a moto rider and the GF as a grid girl...but i lack the leather racing suit (have everything else) So my question is would anyone be willing to let me borrow theirs for a night (no riding, just standing around drinking). Of course you will be reinbursed- cash, beers etc. Any damage to be paid for (happy to leave money for bond, license, address etc etc. I'm 6foot 2 83kgs if that helps. 5mins from the cbd. Let me know

  2. You would be better finding something in a 2 piece that will be close enough in the dark.

    A race-cut 1 piece suit will be incredibly uncomfortable to try and stand in all night. You will be hunched forward and your hands don't come back to your sides naturally as well as your legs trying to be bent. They are extremely comfortable in a crouch, nothing else.

    That's part of why we get out of them ASAP between sessions or after racing, or at least drop the top and tie or belt it around your waist.

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  3. Yes sorry, 2 piece is what im after.