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Leather pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fatjoez, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Not sure on the pants but I have one of the Yamaha Jackets from the same guys.
    It's mighty stiff but for just running about it's fine.
    Quality is not bad just need to stretch them in
  2. I own a a couple of pairs the the seller was fast to deliver, the brand is storm and the leather goods are made in Pakistan where 99% of the big name brands come from.

    mine are the leather touring pants (no knee sliders) I actually have a couple pairs.

    the leather is good quality as is the manufacturing and finish.

    the ebay store is the factory outlet for stormleathers.com its where they runout excess stock and unpopular sizes.

    these leathers IMO will offer you exactly the same level of protection and comfort as the big name brands with out the big name brand price tag.
  3. Sorry one thing I might add...The armour is of an excellent standard. My jacket has ABS CE pads with Foam attached to the underside.
    If you like I can take some detailed pics
  4. thanks people,
    decided against the white ones due to the design,
    and the black ones on offer are sold out in size I'm after.

    Might pop into shark leathers and see what they have
  5. No.

    The leathers made in Pakistan are generally at the lower end of the market, and the quality of the item you receive is reflected in the price. A $200 suit will not have $300 worth of armour in it.

    As far as I am aware, the only big brand to use Sialkot factories in recent years was Frank Thomas, who went bust a couple of years ago. Where you may be getting misled is that the leather production companies in Pakistan often copy the styles of more reputable brands.

    True enough that good roadcraft will make a lot more difference to your safety (on the road) than high spec leathers, but good gear simply handles crashes better.
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  6. For riders with short legs (me!!) it is often hard/impossible to find some off the self pants in Australia. W34 L28. Just bought a pair of reasonable leather pants with CE approved thigh and knee amour from bikeweardirect.co.uk (well, actually from their ebay site) for aprox $200 delivered. They fit well and getting the right size leg means knee armour in right spot. Only downside is they took 4 weeks to arrive.
  7. $200 is pretty cheap. How's the quality of the leather?
  8. Price is not always a indicator of quality - if comparing with other goods imported and sold in Australia.

    The fact that it seems impossible to get multiple leg lengths of leather pants for a given waist size from Australian stores makes buying overseas the only option other than having then made locally $$$$s. ( Tends to be same problem for ordinary pants - I have been buying my jeans from America. )

    The company had 4 legs lengths available for W34 which tells me they care about their customers .

    I bought these pants "on spec" not knowing if they would fit. Short legs does not mean skinny legs - I had tried on an a pair W34 of another brand at a well known leather store in Victoria but long legs way to long (hence knee armour in wrong place) and could not get them past leg calf!!.

    With these the legs are a "firm" fit around the calf muscle and thighs ( Probably a bit bigger than usual as have done 20+ years of bike riding)

    The leather quality is reasonable. Measured with a venier caliper at thinnest about 1.0-1.1mm. Thicker leather (1.3mm) is supposedly available for $30-50 extra.

    My only MAJOR criticism is the single stitching on the seat area. Probably not Ok for a high speed slide. Not sure if this is addressed in higher quality pants on sale. If contemplating buying would suggest contacting the store and getting some pictures of stitching and leg measurements ( Thigh, calf). From my investigation they appear to have been around for 6+ years - they are not here today gone tomorrow. Prices will increase as our dollar will probably drop further.