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Leather Pants - Will they stretch

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Donshe, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Looking at buying a 2 piece suit. Obviously its a fair bit of coin.

    What I want to know is how much room the pants would allow to grow

    My waist size and also upper leg size changes a bit, would the pants stretch enough to accomodate.

    At present I have found a size which fits great but dont want them to go to waste in the future.
  2. Leater isn't going to stretch much. The seams may relax a little and the panels will mould to your shape, but they ain't going to get much bigger. If your periodic expansion is beyond the scope of any stretch panels, you need to size for the biggest you get and accept that the suit will be a little loose when you shrink.

    If you can time being skinny to coincide with winter, it'll give you a bit of extra room for a few layers of thermals :wink:.
  3. Leather has a little stretch in it but not that much. Most leather pants will have a stretchy material in the crutch to assist with comfort - might be enough for you.
    I would buy them to fit when bigger so they are not too tight.
  4. How bad would it be to wear one size up?
  5. similar to going up a size in jeans

    roomier fit but remember leathers need to be a snug but not too tight since they will mould to your shape after some use.

    Just dont go losing 10 kg!
  6. I've found it depends on the quality of the leather. have a cheapy suit that stretched a fair bit and a better one that really only loosened up a bit. (I was told when I got the better suit that one of the problems with the cheap ones is they stretch more). if the leather is stiff it gets more flexible with wear and feels bigger. better leather isn't stiff and to me doesn't seem to have stretched much. i'd get it tight and wear it round the house a bit to loosen it before riding. squats are good.
  7. either way, you wouldn't want the money to go to waist :LOL:

  8. HA !

    My point exactly though, Im looking at some very nice Alpinestars stuff, I'll go to MCAS and try on one size bigger and see how it feels.

    I feel a bit slack though, trying on all their stuff with the intent of buying from US :p
  9. Also don't forget that if they don't fit right, any armour will not be positioned correctly and/or move. Not what you want if you happen to fall off.
  10. + 1 for the Collins leathers!

    I also got the RS4 pants and a Suzuka jacket last year and they fit perfectly.

    They will ask for your measurements etc and send out the ones they think will fit best, if they don't they will exchange for better fit. Mine were perfect though, great service!