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leather pants for fat thighs?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by bluemuppet, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. I'm in the market for a two piece suit. I am around 5'11" in height and I weigh about 195 pounds. I wear size 34" jeans.

    I'm quite a thick build and normally this is fine except my chunky thunder thighs don't play nice with leather pants. I tried on two brands in two different sizes (details below), and on both suits I could feel the pants being quite constrictive across the back of the knees when in a riding position. I previously owned a size 52 Joe Rocket suit but I had to sell it because it would cut off the circulation to my legs and I'm worried the same thing may happen again.

    So far I have tried on the following suits and sizes:

    Alpine Stars (not sure but was similar to an Octane I think, it had a back hump though) (size 54)
    Dainese Avro (size 54)
    Dainese Laguna Seca (size 52)

    Out of all of them, I preferred the fit in the order they're listed above. Going between size 52 and 54 didn't give much relief for the back of my knees and I found all it did was make the suit more baggy (not good).

    Can anyone offer any advice on which other brands much have a looser leg cut? (other option is post sales adjustment or go custom made path...)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. try custom. tiger angel in nth melb are good.
  3. I use shift pants which have sections of stretch kevlar. My thigh circumference is around 68cm.

    Any ones I tried that didnt have the stretch sections felt restrictive.
  4. I'll see I can find some Shift gear. Is that part of a 2pce suit? Also, how do you find it right behind the knee when crouched?

    My thighs are 60cm, and when I crouch I measure 50cm behind the knee...
  5. Yeah, I bought it as a 2 piece with the SR1 jacket, the pants dont have a name on them, other than size 36 US.

    The stretch kevlar runs all the way along the back of the legs, the inner thighs and groin. I can crouch down on the ground with my knees fully bent and the pants dont feel uncomfortable at all.
  6. Get the suit that best fits you and your budget.

    Once you get it give - "Micks Fix" - Leather suit repairs/alterations - a call and he'll make it fit sweet - guarrantee'd.

    He does work for most of the race teams/riders including my Joe Rocket suit. He also fitted my sisters Astars suit. My poor sister is quite short (5,9), skinny waist and legs and more than ample . . .well err....lady bits....(hey I am talking about my sister here).
    My sister is extremely happy with the fit. Mick's comments were that it was the most amount of leather he'd removed from a suit to make it fit.....bit fit it does!

    I have used several other places which charged 2-3 times the amount Mick does and I had to go back several times, in the end I still had a terrible fitting suit. Mick literally took ONE look at it, made some measurements and I had it back within a few days, fitting like a suit never fitted me before.

    Most people will struggle to find off the peg suits that fit them well even if it's just a bit sloppy in the arms/legs for example. Much like buying a brand new bike and having the suspension done immediately is mandatory, getting leathers altered should also be a mandatory thing to get done. Ill fitting leathers can actually cause significant amount of friction burn as you slide down the road. . . .

    At the very least do yourself a favour and give Mick a call on 0411 966 097 to discuss your requirements, I'm sure you'd be impressed with his approach to leather work. Put simply, the best work you'll come across!!
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  7. Thanks jrad, appreciate the time and effort of your reply! I was toying with custom, but I think I will go with that option... I will give him a buzz, cheers for providing his details.

    P.S. What's your sisters phone number??? :p
  8. You might also want to look into RS Taichi leathers - their sizing is somewhat different to A* etc.


    Alex, the guy that runs it all, is very nice and is free quite often for fittings.