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Leather or Kevlar Pants- pros and cons

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by soozie, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. Guys I'm looking at pants and I'm undecided between Leather and Kevlar jeans can anyone help me with the decision?

    Examples:- wind, stretching, safety, comfort etc.
  2. Leather:
    pros: will protect you far better
    cons: you are wearing leather pants

    cons: bulkier than normal jeans, less protection than leather.
    pros: you aren't wearing leather pants

  3. Having never worn leather pants is there a problem wearing leather.
  4. no, I just meant looks wise. It's far less of a problem for a girl TBH. If you are comfortable going out/ walking around in leather pants, then I would probably get leather. I'm not really a big fan of kevlar jeans. They don't protect as much as leather and they are far less comfortable then normal jeans. I have a pair of draggins that I never wear because they are hot, ugly and uncomfortable.
  5. There's no problem with leather pants while on the bike (I actually prefer them to my kevlar cargos) but they're not the best to walk around or sit in. They stop a lot more wind than kevlar so you wont freeze as quickly.
    The kevlar pants are very comfortable but offer less protection if you fall. (Generally no knee/hip pads and they aren't as resistant to abrasions.)
  6. There's nothing wrong with wearing leather, and I like it on the bike. However, depending on where you're riding, jeans could be more appropriate at your destination.

    There's also a bit more effort involved in caring for leather as opposed to denim.
  7. Uncomfortable? Do you have those tight fitting jeans? I bought mine from Takamii and they are comfy.
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  8. No, they are a fairly regular fit (a little bit looser than my regular jeans). I have heard that Takaami's jeans are more comfortable than Draggins.
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  9. I'll second this. I bought mine from takamii too and I could walk around in them all day, and ride in comfort knowing I have protection. Optional knee pads included.
  10. You're a girl.
    You will need kevlar jeans for summer.
    Leather pants for long days, spirited rides, track days.
    Armoured waterproof textile pants with removable doona layer for the freezing winter.

    Some jeans you can put armour in, every pair I have fit differently. some very comfy others I had to wear in.

    My leathers are ugly and I think I look like a dork, feels like I'm wearing a nappy, but they are VERY protective.

    My armoured winter textiles could easily be used in summer as the doona layer is removable. Rivet do a lovely pair for women, Horizon. Not too ugly either, not as bad as some.

    Maybe you should go a pair of versatile armoured textile pants first and then decide after you have been riding for a while if you need as many pairs of pants as I do...expect to pay between $150 and $250 for decent textile pants.

    cheers :angel:
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  11. What SevenSins says is right. Definitely need kevlars for summer, in 30+ degrees they're the most comfortable thing to wear - not as much protection though. I'd go the textile in winter and jeans in the height of summer.

    I ended up buying the Dainese leather jacket and pants but I find the leather too cold at this time of year and if I'm doing a long ride I tend to wear the textile gear because I'm never cold in it. I could never wear my jeans in the middle of winter, even with thermals underneath, as they're just not warm enough. It's really hard to concentrate when you're freezing cold so you're better off wearing something that's going to keep you warm. Layering is the answer.

    Go with SevenSins' advice, go the textile first and then look at buying new gear as the weather changes. That way you have the time to work out what suits you.
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  12. Some good advice here from Seven and Meags..

    What sort of ridding you are doing will also play a part in what you wearing . Eg low speed commuting needs a different level of gear compared to a spirited ride in the twisites.

    Tak's latest jeans have both knee and hip CE armour and the knee armour is removable without having to take them off .

    Cheers Jeremy
  13. Does he do a ladies jean Jem? The 'mens cut' would look awful on women. I agree with you though, it depends on the type of riding you're doing. You can get away with less layers if you're only doing slow speed commuting.
  14. You should have both really, then you can choose according to the conditions.

  15. Good point he is open to new ideas so perhaps it might be worth talking to him about it!
  17. Pleasure, how weird I checked this post at the exact time you replied! I must be psychic. I got Rivet Horizon pants. They may not be available now local, as they are older stock. However one of the local shops here had about 5 pairs for $150 a couple weeks ago, runout stock, 4 pairs of size 12 and one pair of size 14. That doesn't help you as you are in another state though. Anyway I'm sure you'll be able to find something to suit, I just found this style reasonably flattering.... cheers
  18. go buy kneepads and wear normal jeans over them. Kevlar jeans are dumb, they are suited for urban riding, when you are in urban areas you do not need nearly as much abrasion resistance as you do for extra urban riding, where the speeds your doing will make mince meat of the kevlar and your skin. My mate came off at like 50kph and landed on his keys tearing his kevlars wide open at the knee pads, which luckly had a hard outer shell which kept his knees off the road. Those were takamii kevlars by the way, both knees torn right open.

    Pretty much kevlars are pointless, they look shit, are really bulky and hot, and dont really offer useful protection, as they protect you from injuries that you are not even really exposed too. Just buy knee pads and padded shorts.