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NSW Leather motorcycle pants

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by Vertical C, Sep 17, 2011.

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  1. Size 36

    I think they are rjays, they have no crash damage but are quite worn.

    Need the Velcro on the tag that does them up fixed before you could wear them.

    Touring pants so no sliders.

    Pickup in woolloomooloo.

  2. No one wants these? They are better than dragins for protection.
  3. velcro worn at the waist, no sliders? These leathers aren't for riding...
  4. Wanna chuck em in the post? Happy to pay postage!
  5. I'm not pudgy enough for these.
  6. Just to clarify they still have extensive padding on the knees etc. Just not sliders. They are not track pants. You don't need sliders on the road as if you knee sliding there you will sooner or later take your knee off.

    MV gets them posted if no one wants to pick it up within a week.
  7. Sweet.
  8. I'm just one size too pudgy unfortunately.
    If they dont go I'll grab them and use them as incentive.
  9. Finn if you want them come pick them up. I would rather not post them as its a bit of a bulky thing to post. If you dont pick them up then I will post them to MV as he said he wanted them first for post.
  10. Hey i'd be keen to pick these up.
    I'm from the Northern Beaches and work in Rose Bay so I go through wooloomooloo twice daily.
    Let me know if that's ok and i will make a time next week to pick them up.
  11. Yep whoever gets here first gets them thats fair. After work is best. PM me.
  12. Cheers VC
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.