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Leather Jackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BlueRex, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. I just wanted to share my great experience with MARS Leather in Melbourne, i got my bike jacket through them. Great service and for an extra $50 they taylor make it for you.

  2. Ditto. Great service there.
  3. Is that just a leather jacket or does it have padding (like body armor) in it?
  4. It has body armour in the shoulders, elbows and down the spine
  5. Thanks for sharing...sounds great but would like a bit more info like, location, price and perhaps years they have been in business for???
  6. http://www.marsleathers.com.au/

    They are on Elizabeth st just down from Peter Stevens

    Don't let the website put you off though. They have been around for years.
  7. I have a MARS leather jacket - made to size with the features i wanted (no armour & extra gut room :LOL: ), it’s a quality garment.
  8. I've not bought a Mars jacket, but they've done all repairs and/or mods I've wanted to any of my leathers in short time and fair price.

    They're an institution!
  9. Just wondering.. if I have a good street leather jacket.. can they turn that into bike leather jacket by putting in armour, padding, this and that...
  10. put simply: NO! motorcycle leather jackets are constructed entirely different to street style jackets ie, thickness, types of leather etc. the seams will blow apart on the designer wear when you have a spill!

    leave the posing to the squids:p
  11. Donkeys years. "Established 1946" according to their website :p
  12. I bought my first jacket from them in 1984. I'm still wearing the second - bought in 1989 after I'd been married a few years and...changed shape.

    I don't know if he's still there, but back then they had a staff member strikingly similar in demeanour to "Mr Humphries", of "Are you being served?".

    I went in for a fitting, and he appeared with his tape and started work. As he was measuring my inside leg, I said "I'm here for a jacket" and he said "Yes, I know".

  13. ahh... thanks for that... though so..
  14. I bought my first jacket from them in 1984. I'm still wearing the second - bought in 1989 after I'd been married a few years and...changed shape.

    you still wear a jacket from 1989 and your still married? you must have a great personality :p
  15. She said "Either the jacket goes, or I do". Some days, I miss her.
  16. :rofl: :bolt:
  17. Just something worth noting - I goot a pair of leather pants made up by the Mars guys and, to be frank, they're toilet.

    They cost me $550 IIRC. I asked for knee armour, but the pants are cut straight and with no stretch panels so when I wear them with the armour, they get excruciatingly tight behind my knee. I tossed the armour pads after about 6 rides, they weren't getting any better.

    The bottoms of the legs are too loose to tuck into boots, too tight to get them easily OVER a pair of boots, so they're annoying to put on, and they look crap - which, yes, my fat arse must take some discredit for - but I've seen Simon of SOBIL wearing the same ones and looking crap and his arse is otherwise quite presentable.

    Most importantly, I don't feel like I can move around the bike with them on. So I have the choice of leathers which would be better in a slide, or draggins which would let me ride better and be less likely to end up in a slide.

    This from a *custom tailored* pair of pants. I thought they were crap when I first picked them up, but was told all my concerns were "normal" and they'd go away with wear etc. A year later I haven't changed my opinion.

    I wonder if I can get them reworked by somebody to include stretch panels in the back of the knee and calf, and some way of comfortably mounting the armoured knee cups? As they are, they're a huge waste of money.
  18. But do you look like a rock star? :p

    good to see you finnally getting out there considering it was you who made me think seriously about getting a bike 18 months ago.
  19. Yeah yeah it took me a while i know but i am now out there on the road!
  20. I'm still talking the family into buying me a good leather jacket. I have a decent Dririder cordura one I use now, but it's a bit big for me (it was given to me), and way too hot and heavy for a Brisbane summer. I'm looking more in the $200-300 range than the $500-800, and haven't even really started checking out the bike shops in Brisbane, but I suspect I may have to do something mail order to get a decent jacket that will fit me for a price I can afford...