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Leather Jackets with "Hump" on the back

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by V2, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. I'm looking around for a new leather jacket. I see Dainese have one with the "hump" on the back. What do you guys think about this for road use - too wanky?

    I believe the purpose of the hump is not additional safety, but improved aerodynamics. Makes sense at 300kph at Philip Island, but on a 100kph limited road?




  2. I have one of those.... but then again I am a bit of a :jerk:

    From wearing non-humpies and humpies .... makes no difference as far as I can tell and I never see it as it's always behind me :)

    Great quality jacket - guess u just have to decide if you can live with the w4nk factor, as a note though know ones ever called me that to my face whilst I've been wearing it. Plenty of times when I haven't though ..... hmmm... :p
  3. Gimoto actually build a hydration pack into the hump.

    I would pay extra to have it on a jacket
  4. Buy it, then go do lots of trackdays to counter out the tug factor.

    Anyway, since when did wank factor ever stop a ducati owner before? :p
  5. Leather jackets with a hump on the back....Like this?

  6. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

  7. Good lord Dave, you're more wank than man!
  8. Mate, I've got shares in kleenex..... :LOL:
  9. Ha Ha Ha

    Yes, you need to be careful when your a Ducati rider. I avoid parking in front of "Coffee Clubs" and have a Ducati because it is a great bike to ride.

    I'm keen on the particular Dainese jacket because I can get it in perforated form (handy for these hot summer days) - would actually prefer it without the hump!
  10. I found the hump off putting when I was looking at this jacket, but I don't think that it looks all that noticeable once you're on the bike. The fit of the jacket is great, but if you are sitting on a chair you'll notice the hump getting in the way, so it's kind of an anti latte device when you think about it. :p

    When I'm leant over the tank I can feel the back of my helmet sitting against the hump, it holds your head nice and straight so you need to sit up slightly or drop your head down a bit for head checks. I think that if you were in a crash it would be enough to restrict your head from snapping back too far.

    The reason that I bought the jacket was that it fit me really well, wasn't black and was in stock.
  11. Got to admit, the hump does not look too big on the photo you posted. I thought it might be like one of the Moto GP humps which are huge!

    Can I ask what you paid for the jacket? and where you got it from?

    Can you still wear a back pack with it?
  12. I wear a backpack with no problem at all.

    RRP for the jacket is $1100 according to the Monza Imports catalogue, I paid $1030 for the jacket and a matching Dainese back protector from my local Ducati dealer.
  13. What, the back protector has a hump, too? :wink:

    It doesn't stand out so much, but it's def still "there".
  14. very first humped back jacket I have seen that I like!
    now im going to wail... for one.
    bad joke.. sorry. :grin:
    But i really like the jacket. I want one.
  15. OMG, that was arrrrrr-ful. :wink:
  16. Don't forget the hump also adds protection to your upper spine when bouncing off the road.

    Hump is cool :grin:
  17. hahahaha Ducati owner tucks in his draggins! You going for the power rangers look are you? :cool: :LOL: :cool: :LOL:
  18. G-Force mate, G-Force. I didn't have my cape on that day though.
  19. I'd recommend scuffing your leathers up a bit. If you can't afford to chuck the Duc down the road, maybe try stepping out of a moving car at speed. Nothin I hate more than brand new leathers. The hump is fine though. ;)
  20. I'm trying to resist cleaning off the bugs if that helps.