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Leather Jackets in Warm Weather -Perforated Panels RST RIFT?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Swaine, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Hi

    Iam in the process of buying a leather jacket and was considering either the
    RST Rift leather jacket with perforated panels or the Joe Rocket Blaster 3.0 with full removable inside arms/

    Q1: How well does perforated leather work in the first place? the RST Shift has it in a couple of large panel areas across the front.

    Q2: Perforated panel vs the fully removable inner arm panels on the Joe Rocket Blaster 3.0 jacket? Which works better or is the removable panels too much of a tradeoff in safety

    Q3: Is the RST Rift jacket at $400 a decent buy, anyway, not just considering ventilation?
  2. Q1: Actually quite well... as long as you're moving. Which just makes being stuck in traffic even more annoying :(.

    Q2+3: No idea.
  3. Perforated Jackets work really well in the warmer weather. I'm glad I have one, however, keep in mind when its cold......... its really #$%^ing cold!!!!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: I wear a thin wind proof jacket underneath in the cooler weather.
  4. I wear the RST Rift every time I ride.

    So far I have ridden in temps upto about 42-43*C, right down to -1*C.

    I have never been uncomfortable in it, the perf leather works wonders as long as your moving, and the removable winter lining works a treat.

    As for the price, I paid $350 for mine on special, so it seems like a decent price.

    I would take my RST over that jacket with removable arms any day.
  5. I have the RST Rift, the perferations work fantastic when you are moving. the removalble vest is great for cooling down in summer weather. I wear it everywhere in all weather.
  6. Thanks for the feedback re perforation, I wasnt sure if it was a gimmick or not and the only way is to check with those who have tested them in a range of conditions.

    Red ZX, can you actually feel a slight breeze forcing its way through the jacket as you ride? ie. if you were to take it off and then throw on a non perforated jacket where you would feel nothing coming through?

    Where did you purchase your jacket if you dont mind me asking.
  7. I've got the Joe Rocket and it's a pretty good set up, has a bit more cooling at slower speeds because of the mesh vents up the arms etc.

    As for the safety concerns, dunno. Since it's on the inside of your arm, you'd need to be in a pretty awkward position to drag the mesh across the ground (your palms would need to rotate inward so the inside of your arm was contacting the ground), not having fallen off that way I don't know how likely it is

    Hope that helps.