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Leather jackets- Alpinestars

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by TJ, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Been looking around recently for a leather jacket for winter riding here in Brisbane. Aside from the obvious style points that not looking like a sodden black marshmellow getting off the bike which happens with my current textile jacket, I'm looking for something which breaths, has decent movement (as I'd likely have to wear it around uni to a degree) and which is preferably waterproof. The last i'm willing to compromise on since I have a limited budget and would be looking around the $600 mark.
    Searching around the one I've liked the most so far on style, build/design quality and comfort was the a* smk-1. I know it has fabric panels, but can anyone give any real review on how these go in the wet, and how it handles the heat? or if there are any other good alternatives out there?

  2. Howdy.

    Leather jackets are not winter jackets. They're warm enough usually if you wear a neck warmer + a jumper underneath (that's all i wear on top usually.) They're somewhat water resistant, and I'm sure you can spray on/coat them with something but water isn't meant to be great for the longevity of your cow.

    Best bet for real all weather/winter riding would be something along the lines of a Dririder jacket.

    Leather is always the best protection, but it's too hot in summer sometimes, and not water resistant enough in winter! If I could only have one jacket, it'd be leather though...

    Anyway - I bought Dainese, my mate bought Alpinestar leather at the same time. Mine's softened up nicely, his is kinda brittle/stiffer. Not sure if that's standard, but I prefer the quality of the Dainese leather in my own experience. In saying that, heaps of people wear Alpinestar and I'm sure they're excellent. $600 should be fine to pick up a decent jacket. The less you pay for a jacket, the less of a power ranger you seem to look like too.
  3. Perforated leather, with a rainproof and quilted liner sounds like the G. O.
  4. feel free to find me a leather jacket with a waterproof inner lining, for under $600, and post up a link on here Liq :p

    leather is water resistant, if you're in light showers for not too long, you wont find yourself getting wet. dubbin etc is supposedly great to keep it in good nick, and help improve water resistance. i really should start using it :LOL: the stretch panels you mention are the first parts to soak through usually. i find a simple thin waterproof jacket over the top keeps me dry in almost any rain, and also stops the wind, so with layers underneath, my leathers are plenty warm in winter.

    Evader, if it's too hot to wear leather, it's too hot to ride :wink: i wear mine leathers ALL the time, because i know they will save me better than anything else. good ventilation (a couple of perforated panels, and simply unzip the front a bit andpull open for wind every now and again), companied with good hydration, and im fine riding 500km on a 35 degree day.

    i reckon just buy yourself a nice A* jacket or something, yeah. something with a removable liner. look for leather 1.1-1.4mm thick leather minimum, you dont want cheap thin stuff. good double preferably triple stitching, i can guarantee you it makes a difference in a crash. my leathers have had 4 slides now, with some minor repair needed. last thing i want is shitty stitching opening up the leather panels while im at 100k/h and sideways. it will be a bit stiff to begin with, just wear it often and it will wear in nicely. they also stretch dont forget, so get a tight fit, so once it stretches out, it fits you well. i've found adding a back protector underneath takes up some room, keeping a nice fit.
  5. nibor just cos I said it's too hot to wear doesn't mean I don't wear it. :)

    i was one of the many crazy folk that road last summer when we had those 45 degree days. leather jacket, kevlar jeans, boots, gloves..full kit.

    possibly the hottest i've ever been
  6. Stinger scorpion jackets are apparently decent in the wet. Just not available in aus :D

    I've heard though, a big issue is the relatively low neckline of leather jackets compared to dririder/touring gear, for the rain.
  7. Hey mate,

    Noticing you are in Brissy probably worth while checking this place out...
    I got an Astars TX-1 for $400 which I was fairly happy with price wise. Atm they have a pretty good range down there (unfortuneatly didnt when I got most of my gear...) Can't tell you what its like in the rain or the heat though as I've just got it.
  8. Just thought I'd chip in with my 2 cents worth here........
    Just bought an RST Rift jacket, nice fit, triple stiched, feels good quality,
    warm liner inside, perforated panels for the warmer days....$399

    Check out the bike shops for last seasons Rjays Evo jacket, top class winter, I can guarantee its waterproof, wet liner and seperate thermal liner as well........saw them on special for $239.
    There's your $600 bucks and get two jackets.....

    as a side note: I read somewhere that, supposedly you shouldnt use Dubbin on the modern jacket as it can rot the cotton/nylon stitching :shock: not sure on this so just keep in mind.
    I've got a tin of Dubbin at home that I'm not game to use on the Rift :p
  9. then its not too hot to wear it, as you are wearing it. thankyou for just proving yourself wrong :p

    we get what we mean though :LOL:

    good to hear others keen enough to gear up in that heat!
  10. SnoSeal. it's the best stuff I've ever used over the last 15 years.

    Loved it so much, I started stocking it. Not that I have any tubes left in stock ;)
  11. Hey TJ,

    I'm a new rider too and if you're on a budget, at the moment I'd recommend finding what you really like and then checking an American site and ordering online.

    Try ridersdiscount.com, Solomotoparts.com and denniskirk.com

    With the current exchange rate with American sales prices and no added Australian tariffs you can pick up your $600 jacket for maybe $150 less?