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Leather Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by adge82, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. So im finally sick of feeling a tad scared of my old Dririder jacket.
    Its too big and the padding doesnt sit even close to where it should.

    I convinced the wife that it was just un-safe and i should be in a better fitting jacket.
    She agreed and sent me off with some cash.

    After all the reviews on Netrider and KSRC i decided to call Craig from RMGear and go out to Narre Warren for a look at some jackets.
    But i forgot to get Krispy Kremes and paid for it dearly when i got home.

    I ended up getting a Corona Racing jacket (black and white, like the textile one that Joe Rocket do)
    $250, bloody great price for a leather jacket with CE approved armour in the elbows and shoulders.

    So, yesterday was my first ride in the new jacket, felt nice and comfy, a bit stiff but not too bad.
    Looks the business for sure, everyone commented on how awesome it looked.
    I had to ride from work to Port Melbourne, roughly 45mins away last night, so i took off and 15 minutes into the ride it started raining heavier than i have ever ridden in. I couldnt see a damn thing and was pooping like a trooper. The jacket kept me completely dry, warm and has now softened up a bit too :)

    Its an awesome jacket, fits great, has much better armour than my old dririder and looks fantastic.
    If your looking to buy a new jacket, call Craig at RMGear first. Go have a look at his stuff it really is fantastic gear at a fraction of what you should have to pay for it.
  2. wow.

    I'm in the market for some leathers and was looking at that sort of price range...

    Anyone know of good places in Syd for this kinda thing?
  3. DBT Leather is apparently great.

    My dad had a jacket made for all of $300 to his specs.
  4. cool cool.

    I'll be looking them up then, any ideas where thwy are?
  5. Address
    444 Hume Hwy
    NSW, 2199

    Contact Details
    Ph: (02) 9790 1235
    Fax: (02) 9709 4498

    (From the Yellow Pages online)
  6. Laro Leather is based out of Sydney. If you check ebay out by searching "Laro" you'll find new jackets up regularily with no reserve starting at $50 + $20 postage. However the are only certain sizes and colours so you may have to wait a few weeks for your colour and size to come up. They have a retail of $299


  7. *Ktulu second guesses his wisdom in purchasing a rather expensive Dainese...
  8. Ahh bugger it. I look sexy in it.
  9. lol

    Thanks for the lilnks and suggestions guys, I'll check those out some time in the next week I think... I'll also pick up a netrider membership soon
  10. don't want to ruin your excitement or anything but Craig sells these on Ebay and you can get one for $190 (if no one bids on it), though they do sometimes go up to $250.

    This of course doesn't include the $25 postage and the wait for it to arrive.
  11. OOOO really? That's sounding more and more like something I might be interested in....

    I'll be checking ebay as well then, what's the ebay seller name? just so that I know who the right one is.
  12. Yeah I got a dyno replica off him on ebay for 150+25 post , it took about 3 days to get to me in Qld an absolute bargain and he does gloves and pants too .

    this is his ebay store

    and here's the online store

    No I don't work for him I'm just helping out people who want some good gear but don't want to pay heaps for it ( like me :LOL: )
  13. Yeah i looked on ebay, but wanted one the day i decided i wanted a leather jacket.

    I also wanted to try it on and have a look at more than what he had on the site.

    Any way you look at it, $250 is a great price for the jacket, i knew i could have probably talked him down on the price a little, but at the end of the day i interupted the guys weekend and was happy to give him the cash.

    Whats $35 to me? not much. Whats it to his business? Maybe more..

    I sure would like to see him around when i need something else at a bargain price, if that means he gets a few extra bones out of me on this deal thats cool with me.

    Once again, if your in the market for a new jacket/pants/spine protector/gloves/boots (i think)/race suit etc.. Give him a call.


    Damn i look sexy in my new jacket :)
  14. I've got RMGear gloves (the medieval looking ones) and while I find my annoying in the way they seem to want to scratch everything they touch (I've got electric tape around the edges of all the metal bits! Serves me right for buying over-the-top gloves...), they're really very well made, very comfortable, and they were cheap!

    Craig is also great to deal with. A++ :)

    I would have gotten a Dyno jacket too (was emailing him about it) but the fact that I'm in QLD means I can't really try it on, and after trying on about a dozen leather jackets at the shops I kinda decided that leather was too hard to buy without trying on (ie, NONE of the leather jackets I tried on fit me at all)
  15. I also bought the Dyno jacket and a pair of gloves from Craig. He's great to deal with and I'm very happy with my purchases.

    There are a couple of things I would improve with the jacket though. Putting in a jacket liner that actually contributes to keeping you warm, and I want to replace the armour (or just buy a armour suit) because the stuff in it now is just foam. I would prefer something more akin to the armour you find in more expensive jackets that you find in store (rigid plastic shell, foam under that) as I feel that just the foam (and not much of that) is pretty weak.
  16. My armour is all CE Approved (Hard plastic shell with foam padding.
    I thought the Dyno jackets were the same..
  17. The Dyno was listed on the site as having the CE approved armour. I would much prefer the armour you have Adge.
  18. That's strange mine has hard plastic armour in the forearms and shoulders with foam sewn on to it but just foam armour in the back
  19. Cheers for the info mate, a little scared seeing there's no postal insurance offered but I'm cursing the fact that my office doesn't have a measuring tape lying around. What were they thinking?! :LOL:
  20. My arms are too long :cry: