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Leather jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Enrgkid, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    I am currently in the market for a good leather jacket, but am not willing to pay more than about $500, and it seems that all the a* and Dianese ones are more than that (to be expected really) but there is no sort of entry level jackets, I'm trying to find one preferably between $300-400, if anyone knows of a place that sells somewhat decent jackets between this price please let me know. I want something I can trust in the event of an off.

    I'm not having too much luck finding them on the net.



  2. If you not adverse to ordering online then try motorama.it

    They are much cheaper than instore and stock all the brands, about 7 - 10 days for delivery.

    I have bout 2 pairs of boots, pants and a jacket from them at different times and not had any issues at all.
  3. Teknic or RST surely would have something in the 4-500 range. Rjays , M2R or BikersGear in the high 200 thru to 400 range .
  4. If your happy with custom fitted cow leather instead of the more expensive kangaroo, try Karl at cometracingleathers.com

    Why buy off the shelf when you can get custom fit for the same price?
  5. I'm not adverse to ordering online, I tend to do it actually, might make a trip to MCA to sort out sizing though, try some on before I buy online.

    Thanks guys I'll check all the sites out and then go from there I think
  6. + 1 to motorama
    And also try fc moto.
    Good quality brands and good prices.
  7. M2R jackets fit really well. They retail at $370. I can't seem to find a back protector insert that fits though.
  8. That sort of money will get you a nice RST Pro Series leather jacket.
  9. I got my Astars Jaws for $495 @ BikeBiz. Perfect jacket, heaps of ventilation, warm with the liner in, too.
  10. Can you tell more about them please? Have you ordered it for yourself and was it delivered to Au with no probs?

    How is the armour and leather compared to major brands?
    More info please?

    Wish I could see it in flesh :(
  11. If you look at his website and look at the examples, mine is the one with Brick written across the back.

    I've had mine for a couple of years. My mate has two in different styles. Another couple of guys we ride with have suits and jackets from Karl as well. He bends over backward to accommodate customers requests and has a good reputation in the US for doing so. I think my jacket was three weeks from order to delivery for custom sizing, custom colours, and custom embroidery. $600 in kangaroo leather delivered to my door. About the same price as off the shelf jackets in heavier cow leather. My kangaroo is about half the weight of other leather jackets.

    My mate is a "clerk of course" and scrutiniser at a local racetrack. I don't think he would have brought two if the armour wasn't up to scratch. It's all CE approved. Mines an old version. The newer ones also have titanium skid plates in the elbows.
  12. @Brick, thanks a lot mate for the info. Appreciate it.

    Was it hard to do the proper measures? Any suggestions, tips etc?
    They can also make the jacket with the removable liner (much like RS Taichi) GMX Motion?
    Do you know anything about it?

    Sorry for a bunch of questions. But I'm really interested in them now.
  13. Mine has a zip out quilted vest/liner. I know on feedback, Karl was looking at offering it as a full sleeved version.

    There is a video on the website on how to measure and plenty of diagrams, so no, measuring is pretty simple.
  14. @Brick, one more question. Sorry for annoying you :)
    What's the armour like. It is "Smith CE armor" but I can't find anything about it.
    Would be good to see how it compares to the ones in other suits/jackets and especially to SAS TEC.
  15. No idea. It's the same armour that he uses in his race suits. There's a review on his site of some racer having an off at some seriously ridiculous speed and walking away from it everything intact. The armour is better than anything I've brought off the shelf.

    Send Karl an email for any thing specific. I bet he replies with in 24 hours with plenty of info. Tell him Brick referred you. He'll look after you.
  16. That's good enough for me :)

    Thanks for that. I'm already in touch with him and he is absolutely outstanding so far!
  17. All genuine CE armour comes with a little booklet which contains details of the testing it's been subjected to and the address of the manufacturer/ testing house.

    If it doesn't have that included, the armour is more than likely fake. And there's a lot of manufacturers in Pakistan that think by moulding "CE" into a piece of rubber, it magically becomes CE armour. Obviously as well of course, you get good and bad CE armour, usually according to the amount of money you spend.