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Leather Jacket Zipper Repair?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bullet21, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Anyone know where i can get the zipper on my leather jacket repaired? i went to 2 of my local alteration shops but they dont do leathers.

    South Eastern suburbs would be preferable.
  2. Walkalong shoe repairs
    515 Camberwell Road
    Camberwell VIC 3124
    (03) 9889 2800

    Have had many zips changed over the years on my dainese suits at this place
  3. Walkalong is where I go too.
  4. Cobblers of Kew, Walpole St Kew. Can also cut all your keys/remotes as well.
  5. Thirding Walkalong. They do great work on anything leather.
  6. Mick's Leathers
    26 Shetland St
    Endeavour Hills


    Oakleigh Shoe Repair
    near the entrance to Oakleigh Market
  7. I have the same question for a repaier in Brisbane. I need to replace the front zipper on my jacket. Can anyone recommend a repairer in the Brisbane / Ipswich area?
  8. I think Takamii knows a repairer that trawls the east coast motorcycle events/race tracks which you could catch up with next time hes in Brisbane/Ipswich.
  9. Yep he does

  10. Thanks geeth the name was on the tip of my tongue :)
  11. Just searched and found this thread.. HOORAY!

    My Alpinestars jacket zip is kactus and I think I'll take it here. Any guestimations on how much it'll cost me?
  12. Cost me $80 to get a new, heavy-duty zip on my leather RST jacket. Great investment though, much more secure than the flimsy one that came with the jacket.
  13. Perfect, I love this jacket and am sick of the zip only connecting every 5 attempts.
  14. PM Katcando!!
  15. hence my suggestion for Hi Side Leather repairs...
  16. While we're at it, anyone know someone they can recommend in inner Sydney? I lost the moving part of the wrist zip and one arm gets cold at night as the breeze now gets in
  17. Go to Venus leather repairs in the city (google it) they fixed my suit