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Leather jacket without precurved elbows

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by v-petn, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Can anyone please post up pics or links to leather jackets without the precurved elbows? I've tried on several leather jackets with the precurved elbows and it looks weird... I feel like a robot... I still want the elbow and shoulder protection but don't want it precurved...

  2. Hmm. All the bike leathers have pre-curved elbows eh? Maybe the bike leather designers know something you don't.

    You can buy ones without curved elbows. They're called fashion leather jackets, and are worn by people who want to look like a cool biker without having the balls to ride bikes. They have no protection, and real bikers think they make you look like a tosser.
  3. Wow I didn't realise that I have to wear a leather jacket with precurved elbows otherwise I'll be concidered a tosser... That's great help. Thanks Champ!!!
  4. You sound like a tosser anyway, but that's not the point. The elbows are curved because armoured leather jackets are built to do two jobs:

    1) Protect your sorry arse in a crash
    2) Be as unrestrictive as possible while you're riding - at which point you'll have bent arms. This is why a lot of bike shops have bikes sitting around in their clothing showrooms - you try on your leathers and see how they feel on the bike where you'll be using them.

    If the elbows and sleeves are loose, like they are in the fashion leather jackets, they're useless as protection because they ride up and expose flesh to gravel.

    I'm not aware of any CE-approved elbow armour that isn't curved. So your choices are: protection and looking like a biker, complete with robot arms, or, no protection and look all hip and funky and superfly.
  5. I with you Pet, who would trust anything a wanna be rock star says anyhow?
  6. Wannabe rockstar or not, demonstrate where I'm wrong.
  7. Why would I bother, it is off topic anyhow.
    Bloke just wants to know where he can buy an alternative jacket to the happy glow tosser jackets like you wear, not a sermon on why he/she shouldn't!

    Who looks like a tosser now? :roll:
  8. Thanks champ... and since we're still in primary school and calling each other names, you sound like a poofter...

    Point 1: Geez you're an idiot... I didn't realise that the elbow protection was designed to protect my sorry ass in a crash... I thought it was a fashion statement... Thanks for clearing that one up...

    Point 2: Did I state in my post that I want loose elbow protection and sleeves?? So if you're too gay to understand what I'm asking then don't bother replying...

    It's obvious that protection is important otherwise I wouldn't be looking for a leather jacket with elbow and shoulder protection...

    just so you understand exactly what I'm after... this is the type of jacket i'm after... As you can see, it's not as curved as the usual sports leather jacket... I didn't realise that by trying to find the best protection out there but at the same time allow me to feel comfortable makes me look like a tosser...


  9. Thanks banoobi
  10. I need new glasses...
    Those elbows certainly looks curved to me.

    See the folds behind the guy between the shoulder and the elbow on each sleeve?
    That what it look slike when you try to straighten a curved jacket.

    I know. I've looked for one with straight elbows myself, and only because I'm more fashionable than I am practical.

    Couldn't find any that protected me well. :-(
  11. I can see a curve in those elbows that's about the same as others on the market. The photo angles possibly make them look straighter than they are.

    Why don't you just find that jacket and buy it and be done with it.
  12. That jacket has curved arms. he is holding his arms straight.
  13. Perhaps go to a custom leather place and ask them for what you want - search the partners page for some contacts.

    I don't know what's wrong about having curved elbows in your jacket, sounds like you are making a big compromise on having the 'best protection'. Think about part of your upper body is going to hit the ground first in a low side.
  14. If you put a brand new, correctly sized version of that jacket on, you'll be standing there with bent arms. As it wears, it might relax a bit.

  15. yeah I know the pic I posted is curved, though it's not as bad as the alpine stars I tried on last time...
  16. I've got a Dainese winter (textile) jacket with bent arms and I can still have it on when I get to my destination without feeling like a robot. Sure they are curved, but it doesn't feel that weird. Maybe you should try a few on again.
  17. yeah I'll spend more time shopping around to see... It's probably like helmets, Different brands might fit people differently
  18. Yeah, custom leathers might be the go. Try talking to DBT Leathers at Yagoona. Off the shelf, have a look at Black Rose Leathers web site.

  19. did you actually sit on a bike wearing it or did you just swan around peering in the mirror?
  20. Trust me, you will not wear your leather jacket much off the bike. They are tight and uncomfy unless you are bent over a bike. Have a look at some of the cruiser jackets, these are designed to look cool and not function.