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Leather jacket, ripped after 1 day !

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fizmotech, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Ok its just the lining ripped away from the inside pocket, but still, after one day. Doesnt give me much confidence in the quality.

    Should I take it back?

    Am I within my rights to ask for another product?
  2. If you have your reciept take it back & see about an exchange!
  3. Take it back. I had a pair of A* pants that the lining started to come apart on, took them back to where I bought them and they waited for the rep to come around and gave me a new pair.
  4. Yep take em back, but DEMAND a new one right there. Do not allow them to wait for a rep to come in. :twisted:
  5. Gotta admit, I've never been a fan of Rjay gear. I had a look in a shop once and the "made in Pakistan" did put me off.

    Decent leathers will last many years (should see you thru a few bikes) so I think its worth spending a few extra bucks to get safety gear that lasts and will hold together if needed.
  6. The stitching on my RJays jacket came apart after a couple of wears, I took it back to where I bought it, without receipts, and they repaired it no problems. Mornington Kawasaki are good like that...
    Take it back to where you bought it. And steer clear of RJays in the future :wink:
  7. don't buy r-jays for safety gear. Take it back and try to get you money back, or credit on a better jacket.
  8. I'd definitely be taking it back !
  9. Should I be concern about the quality of Rjay as I bought a helmet? Don't they need to meet strict guidelines?
  10. Like others have said take it back, as for rjays...i have a leather jacket, wear during summer and haven't had a problem with it.....maybe i got lucky who knows, would i have another yeah, this one has worn well. :)
  11. the shop wouldnt refund or exchange. they want to send it back. luckily a loan jacket was available. but doesnt cover the $100 odd I will lose from time off work sorting this out.

    i wont be going rjays again, they should have a better returns policy which makes it easier for the retailer.
  12. which shop was it..... :?
  13. Helmets have to meet an Australian Standard - for other gear there are no Australian Standards.
  14. After one days wear that is not good enough. A month would be debatable, but at one day it's clear cut.

    name and shame.
  15. yeah thanks for the support all.

    in the end the shop and distro did the right thing by offering an exchange. but still, leaves me a little sour, not at anyone personally, just spent a lot of my time mucking around back and fourth.
  16. Shit happens.

    The store has done the right thing and is having to repaired.

    In a perfect world, the manufacturer would fly out to you using their Harrier jet and repair the jacket for you whilst you are wearing it and riding as fast as you can through the twisties.
  17. oh cool :roll:
  18. Made in Pakistan? Wow, that puts mine to shame!

    Apparently my RST jacket is made in Pakitan (no typo, well, on the jacket I suppose)

    Still, it feels well put together and sturdy.