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Leather jacket recommendations

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by NinjaKid, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, in the market looking for a great leather jacket and bang for the buck been looking at alpinestar round the 500-600 dollar price mark
    There are so many types of alpinestar leather jacket out here, you got the celer, atem (well bit off budget), gp plus, gp pro, jaws
    Any suggestions guys?

  2. What sort of jacket are you after mate? A sports jacket? Something for the track or something more casual?

    I really really really want a Dainese R-Twin leather jacket. They're about 800-900 bucks though....I tried one on once and it fit so perfectly it was almost a joke.


    Ended up with an Aldi leather jacket....it's actually pretty good for the time being.......though am saving the pennies for something like the above.

    For the track I'd get something like this......as

    a) I'd happily have Rossi's babies (yes, I'm male...and straight...so what!?!)
    b) The fluro yellow is sweet
    c) It son sale a Peter Stevens for $600

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  3. Well..There are a lot of styles and/or variations in Jackets.

    I'm (ahem) in love with jacket shopping (or browsing) in the same way us bikers keep lusting after bikes. :)

    I've 2 leather jackets atm. One of them is from Aldi this year. It was am impulse buy as for that price, it was pretty good.

    The other is a $400 Shift Vintage in brown. Both of them feel like good jackets. I've worn the Shift jacket numerous times and is very comfy but am yet to try the Aldi.

    As Barters81Barters81 said above, the Dainese one is expensive at $899 but fits pretty well. Yes I've tried it. And wanted to buy it as well but couldn't justify that price. :(

    So try out a few different brands and don't hesitate to negotiate. 10% of the marked price is easy to get.
  4. I went with the Celer - fit me the best out of the jackets I tried and also found it to be quite breathable, which is important for the summer months.
    Definitely recommend checking out if you don't mind the speed hump.
  5. Anything by Alpinestars is MAJOR quality. And they have a range of styles for whatever style you ride. Whatever you buy from them is worth the cash.
  6. I am currently wearing an ALDI jacket, but I have a DriRider Mesh jacket for summer (and the liners are surprisingly effective in winter), so I can't comment on your particular choices.

    But I can offer this:
    My experience with my leather jacket is to get the best fit, you should find the one which seems the most comfortable, then go and sit on your bike whilst wearing it and move around on it, as if you were cornering. Explore your range of movement and feel how the jacket sits, if it rides up anywhere. Remember to put your phone/wallet in the pockets if that's how you normally ride, make sure your wearing the pants you normally ride in etc etc. Try it with a jumper under it for when you'll wear it in winter. Make sure you can do up the clasps on the neck when you are wearing your gloves.

    When trying on jackets I get carried away with how cool it looks and chatting to the guy and think its awesome. But I know that all that other stuff is whats going to annoy me once I actually have it and am on the bike.
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  7. I got this sucker: [​IMG]
    Comfortable, tough, and as far as I can tell, waterproof. It was pissing down all weekend during my HART course, but I didn't get wet from the wrists up while wearing this. However, you have to upgrade the back protector.
  8. I'm a full leather spidi jacket a bit xy at $750 but fits well and as a newbie doesn't restrict my riding maybe worth waiting for
  9. I had few lathers in the past. Right now with rst perforated and I like the fit of the jacket as well as fit of CE armour. I tried berik and few others which are way more costly but could not fit them.Some jackets I had in the past ended up being too short, depending on your seating position and reach, meaning my lower back was exposed. Fixed that by getting leather pants, instead of kevlars, which had quite high back side and the zip, even though to- date I have not used the zip. I am pretty content with RST perforated leather with removable inner linning atm and equally a 3/4 mesh jacket does the great job as an alternative.
  10. I tried the gp plus from alpinestar the other day, we were just riding around me and my uncle decided to stop by mcas, tried the leather jacket and hell it fits so nicely and it looks good too, decided then on to save up to get one, im just riding a ninja 250, i like the whole sporty look, im wearing the rjay textile stinger jacket with thermal lining and everything, i got it 2nd hand from the kid who sold me the bike and its a bit loose for me, but gotta say with that price brand new its really damn good, and im a big fan of textile i must say, they are really versatile
    PS anyone riding round the western suburb, penrith, id love to meet new friends
    happy fathers day too guys
  11. If you come off at 100 km/h doesn't matter wether you were just riding a Ninja 300 or a R1
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  12. Protection wise which do ya think is better, i fell in love with leather yesterday because it just fits nicely and like sturdy ass really, but i hate the fact that its not waterproof
  13. Good leather (not the cheap ebay stuff) . Just buy some waterproofs to go over it. RS Taichi make good rain suits.
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  14. Waterproof leathers jackets are really expensive so invest in all season textile as well.
    Alternatively get a rain jacket that you can wear over the leather jacket if/when required.
  15. They aren't really, buy unventilated/unperforated leather and a tub of leather conditioner. Cost of leathers +$30.

    Leather conditioner is great worthwhile stuff, makes gear much more comfortable and water resistant.
  16. Having just recently crashed at speed in a Dainese Race jacket, I can definitely recommend it for the protection if it fits your body shape. Absolutely no cuts / abrasions anywhere. Not perforated though, so pretty warm in summer, although it does have some zip vents which work well once the leather softens a bit from new.

    Found it discounted in MCAS (last year's colour).
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  17. I believe they do a perforated version? I just got the racing D1 its a super comfy jacket

  18. Is there such a thing as a "summer" leather jacket is what I wan to know?

    I know there is perforated, but in the heat of summer there isn't really any jacket anywhere that's overly cool in traffic.
  19. Unless you have an ice vest you need to be moving to get the evaporation to be cool. I've worn mesh vests in the tropics and they were fine when I was moving.
  20. I'd recommend trying as many on in your price range as you can. somewhere like MCAS if you are in Sydney is a good place to start.

    i was dead set on getting a AStars jacket too, but when i tried a few of them on the fit wasn't 100% perfect, then i tried the Dainese Racing jacket and it fit me perfectly. It was on sale for $550 too.