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Leather Jacket Purchase - Summer vs Winter

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Jaykay4tay, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Hi gang,

    I'm looking to finally spend $$$ on a high quality leather jacket, and I'm not if I should budget accordingly and purchase two lesser quality season specific jackets (winter/summer), or should I just go for a quality summer jacket and simply wear thermals underneath in winter???

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Do you live in Hobart or Darwin?
  3. depending on where you live there are a range of stores and options available, you should be able to get both
  4. You need something windproof under a summer jacket to wear it in winter. Not just thermals. Knox cold killers or oxford chillout.
    For me, ordinary leathers are OK up to 25C. Have a perf leather jacket for summer, but picked it up cheap at a sale.
  5. Most leather jackets have zip out (thermal) liners for winter use. Whilst they are not made to be ridden in the middle of winter through the snowies, they are normally adequate for average winter riding. When you buy a jacket take along a thin jumper to put on under the jacket to ensure you buy a suitably sized one. I use leather in summer without the lining, with the lining in winter, often with thermals underneath on on most occasions I'm warm enough. Remember there are perforated leather that lets a bit of breeze through (read cold air in winter). May be worthwhile giving those a miss if you want a year round jacket.

    You can also buy at a later time a Dririder style jacket that often offers greater warmth than a leather jacket. You often see these on special at a number of shops including online. I have a Joe Rocket denier jacket that I wear in winter if I'm riding wear the temperature is very cold
  6. As per the above comments, you can get a variety of jackets that have liners in them. These are great for keeping you warm and somewhat shielded from the weather.

    The other thing to keep in mind is the weather, especially the rain.

    Leather isn't, by default, the most waterproof of materials you can use. Its the most rash / abrasion resistant and will certainly assist there. Your choice of winter jacket will be determined by how often you ride in the cold wintery weather and if a waterproof option is something you should consider. Do you get a dedicated jacket or do you get over gear....

    Outside of getting a jacket dedicated to a specific weather type you can also look at waterproof overwear.
    I have both a jacket and pants for this very reason.

    The over gear does as the name suggests, they go over your gear you have on and provide you with some waterproof protection (also pretty good at keeping the wind at bay too).

    Just something else to consider in your jacket purchase endeavours!

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  7. Thank you for all your feedback!

    I live in Melbourne, but as we all know, the region can experience major shifts in weather conditions at the drop of a hat!

    I've used Revzilla to narrow down a few jackets. I find their product videos and review section really helpful.

    I guess the issue with rain is that no one really intends to ride in it, however, sometimes you do get caught in it. Up until this point, I figured I could tuck a poncho/wind breaker under the seat for those occasions that I run into a heavy downpour (far and few between) on my weekend rides, or short tours.

    Thanks again for all your insights, much appreciated.
  8. Some people, myself included, do indeed deliberately ride in the rain. Everyone should - it's how you learn.

    1 or 2 jackets?

    The problem with having a just a Summer jacket is that to put anything substantial under them to keep warm you may struggle to get it on. You can of course put something over the top.

    The problem with having just a Winter jacket is that it's damn hot in Summer.

    If it were me I'd go with 2 jackets. Alternatively why not just get a good quality all seasons textile jacket.
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  9. FWIW I wear a waterproof/windproof layer over the top of leather in winter, and open the vents (in the leather) in summer.
    Yeah I know, nobody can see the logo when it's covered up, but I'll suffer the ignominy.
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