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Leather Jacket opinion

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vanman37, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. Might look good on you, but not my cup of tea.

  2. Love it. I want one right now!!

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  3. If I saw you wearing this I'd deliberately run you off the road (after I stopped laughing)

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  1. Saw this online and wondered what others thought?


  2. lol for some reason i instantly started thinking of the bloke from KISS, with the zig-zaggy facepaint.... hehehe :LOL:

    not too bad tho, depends wat ur wearing with it i spose
  3. Egad Van!

    In a world that has no shortage of hideous jackets available, that one still easily lobs straight into my Desert Island Top 5 Most Hideous list.

    If I crashed and died, and my worst enemy found my corpse before the ambos and zipped it into that jacket, I'd return to haunt him for the rest of his days.

    Of course, it all comes down to personal taste...ahem....

  4. Definitely not my taste... :shock: But hey, whatever floats your boat.
  5. LOL 11/19 say they'll run you off the road, I guess you'll be easily seen :)
    I voted for not my cup o tea.

    **off topic**
    OB what bike is that in your avatar?
  6. hahaha....well............watch the votes pile in now that I've posted the image of the back of the jacket :) :)


    BTW - I voted to run myself off the road too![/img]
  7. Oh dear...

    The back is actually worse than the front! Eek!

    Oh, and im.on.it - the bike is an Aprilia Blue Marlin.

  8. Saw one yesterday on a fellow rider. Just thought ive seen them on ebay.. Mate if thats what you like, you go buy it.. Honestly there are all kinds of bling jackets out there, so this is no different imho.. :wink:
  9. I didn't mind the front, but the back is something I couldn't live with.
  10. Yeah, dunno bout the jacket. Plus quality seems to be looking an issue.

    Best one I saw was a yank who I met in Austria travelling europe on his bike. Had a plain black jacket with the entire back covered in a print of "The Punisher".

    Looked tuff as.
  11. It looks straight out of stephen king and needs to go back there according to your poll votes
  12. LOL couldn't agree more. There's a Blade - Trinity one too.
  13. nice butt.

    no comment on the jacket
  14. Thats a 1/2 arsed attempt at humour :LOL:
  15. Sorry but I'd be tempted to run you over.. I think it's hideous.. however I only ride an electric scooter so it wouldn't hurt much..

    Then again it looks warm and highly visible..
  16. I'm guessing that was made in Pakistan...

    So hows the fit and finish...Satisfied?? :p
  17. While I loved the comic and the movie that's pretty poorly done. The back is hideous.

    The punisher ones and the balde trinity ones i've seen already. They look better.
  18. I don't own one.
  19. I've seen them in the local markets, quality not so great. I'd rather spend twice the $ on a 'proper' leather jacket from a bike shop.
  20. If they took all "The Crow" stuff off it I reckon it'd look pretty cool.