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Leather jacket - no, not the fish.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by capri727, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Hi all... I'm considering buying a leather jacket for the first time, and wondered if anyone has any advise in regard to what to look for, anything to be wary of? Also, are they suitable for riding in summer. Would it be any hotter than my Dririder jacket, even without the thermal lining? Also, have ladies found they need a ladies-cut jacket, or would a mens/unisex jacket be ok if i found a reasonably priced one?

  2. Plenty of companies make jackets to fit the female (and delightful!!) shape!
    Contact underdog leathers http://www.underdog-leathers.com/ they give a discount for Netrider Members

    also Racemaster Leathers on mailto:CRAIGHUTCHISON@IPRIMUS.COM.AU or (0422) 872 925

    And Scorpion leathers Chris is at Berwick, (0438) 049 137

    All of this is good gear, produced by people who ride but who know that we don't have millions to spend just to protect our miserable hides!!
  3. I can vouch for Craig at Racemaster. Great quality heavy leather jacket with armour that's unbelievably cheap for the quality. Unless you want to drop twice as much on a whizz bang tailored job, give his stuff a look.

  4. I really dont feel the cold but am able to ride in my leather jacket in the heat, but find when i take it of my tshirt is soaked. I reckon they are the most comfortable as well.
  5. i actually prefer riding in my leathers, good thing is to also to get some summer riding gloves. I dont mind getting a little sweaty but sweaty hands in summer just piss me off.

    I prefer dainese leathers but it does cost a little more. Best bet is off ebay. Go try some jackets on at your local bike shop and take down the size. I brought my dainese over the net a few years ago and it only cost $400 - including shipping.
  6. You state that with such confidence! Despite trying on countless jackets I've yet to find a company that really does makes jackets, as you so nicely put it, for the female shape. But, I hafta admit, I haven't had the opportunity to try an Underdog one.
  7. Try mars leathers in elizabeth st. got my wife a jacket there and its a little longer than male jacket and is designed for women.
  8. HEY CBC, fabulous photo!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks to all for your replies. (And that IS a great photo - nice bike) I will check some of these out. Seems like leather will be the go! :)
  10. lil wears Tiger Angel too, as does Flashfire in Sydney; no-one mistakes either of these ladies for blokes when they're wearing their leathers!!!
  11. i'm also looking for a jacket but need a custom made jacket as all the jackets in all stores in sydney are too big looks my options are peels, dbt or underdog what are peoples opinions these.

  12. yea i'm gonna go for a ride up to mount white this saturday hopefully and see the range that underdog do but im not a profesional jacket maker so i ask this question has anyone come off with an Underdog Leathers Jacket clothing?? Lushy?

  13. Just beware of cheap imports; the stitching won't hold up in an off. Grab the leather either side of a seam and pull hard - you don't want to see it opening up.

    As for the heat, well, leather doesn't breathe too well but there are versions with Keprotec stretch panels and/or vents and/or punched leather panels.

    You want a good fit so the bottom or the sleeves don't ride up when you're sliding down the black stuff. Straps or poppers around the waist are a good idea, allowing you to adjust for a fleece in the winter.
  14. HEY ERN, OT, but tell me about your XS-650 and RD-350, had one of each many centuries ago!! :LOL:
  15. Hey Paul,

    Snap! Ah, the good old days; well, they felt good then but the bikes are better now! Sure would like to be riding in 20 years to enjoy what's coming down the track.

    I loved the XS650 ... felt like top dog riding it. But oh the handling ... erk.

    How do you find the Hornet? Thinking of persuading my son to consider one instead of the 250 Yammie he's got in mind; he's out of restrictions.
  16. The stitching on all underdog leathers is triple stitched and does not open up on impact. Yes the leathers have been crash tested and have not failed to protect the rider. The leathers as you will see are very well made and at very affordable prices.