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leather jacket getting wet everyday

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by synrgy, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. ive been riding to work & in sydney for the past week or so its been raining everyday. My jacket is leather(icon) i dont have a wet weather jacket. The leather jacket doesnt get me wet but would it be ruining the jacket in anyway ??

  2. Just hang it somewhere to air dry after riding in the rain.
    However, the surface will dry and crack over time.

    This can be prevented with Dubbin wax.
    They sell this at MCA and at shoe repair or leather goods stores.
    The wax is great for leather gloves which become hard and brittle after drying out.


    If you keep leather stored away without air circulation, it'll grow moldy over time.
  3. +1,

    But.. buy another jacket.
  4. It's only a problem when it goes green and can clear a room in seconds :grin: .

    +1 on treating it to a good leather treatment though, whether dubbin or Nikwax or Mars oil or whatever.
  5. wear a poncho over the top of your icon.
  6. Plastic over-jacket like the enduro boys have (Shift and Fox make them). Or a textile job for wet days.
  7. Yellow plastic waterproof jacket, $15 at most from any workwear shop will keep you drier for longer than any motorcycle specific waterproofs you'll find.

    makes you look like a dork though, and you might want to cut the hood off to stop it flapping around.
  8. you lucky bastard. I've not seen rain once this year around Geelong
  9. Dont come here! lol ... well today is definately one of the nicest day of the week bright and shiny.. but someone stole my tap convertor so i couldnt wash my bike so now the day is crap..
  10. I use Renapur Leather Balsam. I believe it's made out of organic oils and bees wax or something. It apparently contains no animal fat/oil or silicon. Both of which has the potential to degrade the leather.
  11. Blizzard pack from Rays tent sh*tty...best waterproofs I've ever
    used, only $35 for jacket & pants and they fold into the jacket pocket.

    The pants have zipped legs so you can get 'em over your boots.
  12. thanks guys
  13. I have a 40 buck rjays plastic jacket to wear over the top, works well!

    But yeah it does matey, the times I've riden in the rain (not on purpose) with my leathers its wrecked the wrist buttons on my alpinestars jacket.
  14. Motorcycle gear that suffers damage from normal weather conditions it can reasonably be expected to encounter is not fit for purpose.

    Big black mark to A*.
  15. textiles or plastic over it at least. but as said, use some decent leather polish on it.
  16. If its raining, just ring in sick. Wet jacket problem solved!