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Leather Jacket fit.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by DYG58, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. My stupid question for the day.
    How tight should a bike leather jacket be?
    Do they stretch a little?

  2. You are right it is a bit stupid. Leather won't stretch much if it is any good, it will relax a bit. You want room to move and store some stuff in your pockets but you don't want the thing flopping around. I assume you are talking about road riding not track.
  3. For normal road riding make sure that it's tight enough so the armors doesn't move around but not so tight that it is uncomfortable.
  4. I purchased a jacket online after being very careful about taking my measurements etc.
    It arrived today and the fit is a little snug.
    I can zip it up and move relatively feely but it does have a “wetsuit” feel to it.
    Saved a fair bit of money but if it’s not right then that’s not doing me much good.
    Probably should leave the tags on and stick it on ebay.
  5. This.

    As tight as possible while being comfortable and mobile.

    If the size or fit is incorrect the armour will not be properly located - OR - it will sit okay but in the event of and off it will move.

    I just recently bought a leather Jacket - I have not worn leather previously......years of textile and touring gear.

    I was tempted to buy one size larger than I did - for "room"
    I was advised against this by the salesman - I took his advice.
    After a couple of weeks riding in the leather (the smaller size) I am exceptionally comfortable on the bike and the fit is perfect.
  6. Well that depends if you planned on using it into the winter or colder months as you won't have room to fit the necessary jumpers underneath. If you wanted an "all seasons" leather (read stuff 2 jumpers under) jacket you would have needed to leave some room.
  7. Thanks, that makes me feel better. Everything is in the right position. I am able to move ok. thanks for your feedback!
  8. Good reason to loose a bit of the blubber!
  9. Aaaahhh - but you see I thought this through.

    I went armed with an under-layer jumper to wear during the fitting.

    Also, the jacket I chose has a removable thermal liner which is very good.
    In addition to this, it also came with a wind-stopper vest which can be worn on its' own under any other jacket - works a treat.
  10. Riding in Sydney I don’t get that cold. Never had to add anything under my jacket, just add the zip out lining on the real cold days, seems to work fine
  11. Hedged my bets though, stuck it on ebay. If I sell it … fine, if I don’t I’ll live with it.
  12. I don't really like wearing too many layers underneath my leather as it affect the fit. So on really cold day I just put on my rain coat which is windproof and a thin thermal under the jacket.