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Leather Jacket Fit

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lui, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Is it supposed to be a snug fit or sort of loose fit? Or depends on the bike/riding style? Would it stretch to 1 size larger over time?

  2. It should be really tight as it will stretch heaps.

    My jacket was so tight I had to suck the gut in to get it on. It's loosened up heaps and just goes on now without having to turn blue ;)

    If once you have it on you can grab a handful of leather from the front, it's far too big.
  3. This is good to hear. I just recently bought a dainese in a size 50 and I have to "almost" suck the gut in to zip it up. When all zipped up however its pretty tight but not uncomfortable.

    I also tried on an alpinestars jacket in a 52 and that was a little more comfortable but I'm happy with the choice I made given that I did not consider stretching of the leather.
  4. The armour needs to stay in place on shoulders and elbows, you need full range of movement in your arms (that you would need on a bike anyway), and beyond that, I don't think it matters unless you're doing 200+ and it's going to flap.
  5. Thanks Vic! That's pretty much what the guy at the shop said, but I just have to make sure because the one he got me to try on was really tight.
  6. That's the single most important thing! The armour needs to protect you, not wonder around when you're tumbling along the hard stuff
  7. I've got an RJays Textile in XS, looking to buy a Dianese Leather, what size would you recommend? There are no stock in store to try on unfortunately :( Smallest is 44 but a friend just got a size 52 and I can't see him being 10 sizes bigger than me as he's skinny just taller...suggestions would be great!
  8. If you are buying from a store and they have to order in your size, usually you don't have to pay if it doesn't fit, they would re-order until it fits.

    If you are buying online, refer to the Dainese size chart: http://www.dainese.com/media/catalog/sizing_chart_eng.pdf

    Sizing can vary a lot between brands and styles, you really have to try it on, especially for leathers. Typically track/racing jackets are more aggressive and require more precise fit, whereas sports touring/street jackets are more relaxed.

    Also you may be in between sizes, then you have to decide whether you want a snugger fit or something with a bit more operating room. This is the sort of things you can't tell by reading size charts.
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    Check out this video to get an idea about Dainese sizing:


    The jacket Brian wearing looks 1 size too big. But I like his video reviews.
  10. Anybody with Alpinestars jackets that weren't sure of the size did you go for the snug fit or a bigger one to acommodate for thicker clothing in the winter months, how much would a jacket like an Alpinstars MX-1 or Tech 1-R strecth?
  11. damn old thread resurection.
  12. The important thing is to make sure that the armour will remain in place in the event of a tumble. You'll always get a a bit of give but I would always advise to get as snug a fit as possible, whilst not restricting movement :)
  13. Thanks oz.
  14. If you are reasonably fit and regularly workout, then go for the snug fit. Otherwise go for relax fit because chances are you will put on weight.
  15. I'm a bit of both of those. I didn't go for the snug snug fit due to the fact I'll be upgrading the stock foam chest/pack protection inserts with bio armor ones that are thicker and also to have enough room to allow me to wear a jumper underneath when it gets cold. I posted in below thread of the sizing

    What was funny was as I was trying on jackets I thought of what the hell grabbing a handful was and thought it was if my hands could go in underneath the jacket while I'm wearing it but didn't make sense so asked the worker and after they explained I had an aaahhhh moment.
  16. I've got an A*s. Go the smaller size. They give a little.
  17. Time for a new jacket for me also. I went into a store and tried on a bunch of jackets, and it seems they are all made for stockier guys than me. I'm fit, but tall. long arms. i didnt think my shoulders were particularly narrow, but every jacket I tried on that fit me in the arms was too wide in the shoulders and baggy under the armpits.

    I'm guessing jackets are like boots - different manufacturers have different fits. any tall guys out there got any recommendations?


  18. How tall? My jacket just rocked up in the post and I rode home with it. I went Alpinestars Tech 1-R jacket EU54/US44. Could have gone a size smaller but I intend to wear it in all weather conditions so needed to accommodate for winter clothing underneath plus also upgraded the stock foam chest and back protectors with the proper CE certified ones. I'm 188cm and 89kg.

    edit: based on your requirements I think you're better off getting custom made leathers from companies such as ozmotorcycleleathers, tiger angel etc
  19. Looks like I'll be going to MARS for my jacket....

    Might get one of the police style ones with added armor... :p
  20. Im 183cm and 72kg, so not quite as tall or heavy as you. would you consider yourself broad shouldered? I like the alpinestars jacket I tried on the other day, but didnt like the way the shoulders and shoulder armour was not quite sitting on my shoulders - mind you this was same on pretty much every decent armoured jacket I tried :(

    ozmotorcycleleathers turn out to be walking distance from me, so I'll check them out. thanks for the tip.