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Leather Jacket Design - looking for feedback

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Takamii, Jun 4, 2011.


Your opinion of my jacket design

Poll closed Jun 14, 2011.
  1. I like it

    33 vote(s)
  2. Needs work

    14 vote(s)
  3. Not really

    2 vote(s)
  4. Never

    0 vote(s)
  1. My Talented designer who does the graphics for my helmets has come up with an idea for my leather jackets

    I would appreciate comments both good and bad if you would like to share them

    The logo areas you see on front and back will be raised (reverse embossed ) areas that have extra padding for crash protection hence why on the back as well


  2. I think the front is great. Maybe on the back just keep the small logo. Remove the larger left and right panels and put a back plate design instead. Otherwise it is a bit overkill with the logo IMHO.
  3. Awesome mate ! Eye catching, great choice of colour and no doubt extremely durable.
  4. Awesome mate. I agree with gamer8, i think the back is slight overkill. Also depending on what the elevated logo is made of, it could maybe do with some colour?

    Nothing crazy, maybe just an outline of red/blue/yellow stitching on the front logo and the same colour stitching for the small logo on the back???
  5. its reverse embosses so its raised - padding underneath and just leather ( same as jacket) over it

    like you see here

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  6. I like it, I agree though the back is a little overkill. I would however, put the spine hump armour (don't know the street lingo sorry) at the top with the logo on it in a different color (if that makes sense).
  7. Agree here. In the back - just the small logo will look really good.

    What about cruiser jackets? Any future plans for that? 8-[
  8. I like it. I reckon a lot of leather jackets around look like they either belong on the track, or on a guy with a massive mo and a big HD, but looks out of place on the rest of us. No offence intended to track or Harley riders, but that's not me. I think your design would suit those of us who don't fit either of those stereotypes.
    I'd just watch out not to make the embossing too thick or too stiff, especially on the front. I can imagine it could get uncomfortable when you lean forward and your arms come in (like on a bike) if not done properly.
    Also, I think some colour, at least as an option, would go well.
  9. Like your design pardon designers design Takamii (wouldn't have expected a different design from a Tron techno enthusiast). Slightly modify the elbow/shoulder armour. Attaching leather pants to make it a 2 piece? Perf or non perf? Thumbs up.
  10. Love it. I like the fact its basically black. I would also prefer a smaller logo on the back, but that's being a bit picky.

    Any stretch sections?
    Does it include a back protector?
    I prefer the no back hump for this type of jacket.
  11. Too plain, needs more
  12. Definitely the back plate needs to be inserted for spinal protection
  13. do a version with a GP hump on the back, I really like the look of them and its hard to find a nice jacket with a cool hump for a decent price. Appeal to the boy racer on ninja 2 fiddy market lol
  14. Agree with everyone else, mostly good but the back details are overkill. Maybe go with function over looks on the back, good quality armour and then see what sort of promo stuff you can do on it. No hump though please, leave that to the power-ranger jackets :p Also please make sure you have huge sizes, I can't find a good leather jacket for my build. Any idea on pricing range?
  15. I like it, but in an X MEN (Magneto) kinda way.
    I'd actually tone down the front and leave the back as is.
  16. looks good...not so much the big logo on the back...something more subtle i reckon...never been a fan of splashing the makers log over my clothes tho...
  17. The front looks good so long as the embossing was subtle but I think the back looks a bit over the top and could just do with the small logo at the top and a decent slot for a back protector.

    That being said I am currently looking around for a decent jacket that isn't too far into the 'power ranger' style that I can get away with wearing as a casual jacket once I get somewhere.

    All in all a very nice design currently and with only a few mods could be something universally attractive.
  18. This is a really nice design. I like everything except the font you used for "Motolegion". I think simple, plain fonts tend to look more classy than fonts that try to look cool.
  19. I like it, maybe a few changes to keep the horde happy but it's really well designed.