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Leather Jacket Delimer

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Black / Blue / Silver

  2. Black / White / Orange Trim (just a little)

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  1. Hey all;

    Going through the motions of getting a custom leather jacket made up as my ducks disease limits me buying anything off the rack that actually fits.

    However I have an issue choosing the colours. To set the scene, I'm getting this jacket made to be worn in my tour of Europe. I intend to buy a new helmet over there so my current blue/silver AGV doesn't matter. I currently own a dainese black/blue/light-grey textile jacket which may also travel with me over there.

    I intend to buy a new bike over there, an '08 Daytona 675 in Neon Blue. However: before I chose on the daytona, I've always wanted to paint a bike metallic pearl/bone white, and anodize all the shiney metal bits a dark orange (pegs, levers, rims, etc etc) and have the decals in a dark metallic orange also. So predominately a white and orange bike.

    The problem I face is, I may get to Europe and not be able to afford the new paint scheme when I get the bike. So what colour do I make my jacket?? Black / Blue / Silver to match the Neon Blue Daytona stock ('08 model) or Black / White / Orange to match the new hopeful paint job????

    The last hurdle to the problem is, the few dealerships I've contacted in the UK claim that they have no more '08 model daytona's left ('09's don't come in neon blue), and I'm not keen on an '09 as it has fancy features I will not be able to fully use yet...

    '09's only come in Black, and Red, and the SE which is White / Blue (and personally I think looks shit with the blue frame)

    Also been informed that white leather also over time turns slightly yellowish. Which kind of shits me cause I'm paying 4 figures for this jacket to be made.

    So in a nutshall;

    Black / Blue / Silver for NeonBlue '08 Daytona?
    Black / White / Orange for my hopeful paint scheme of White / Orange

    Thanks for your help.


    '08 Daytona 675 Neon Blue

    '09 Daytona 675 SE White / Blue

    '08 or '09 Daytona 675 Red
  2. brownyy, you've got a DILEMMA on your hands.

    Firstly, your spelling makes your thread title incomprehensible

    Secondly, you just KNOW that you're going to get spanked for the pictures :LOL:.

  3. sometimes its the only way to get votes... and anyway hornet, you liked em! :grin:

    now where is rider chris with those pictures.............
  4. Re: Leather Jacket Delimer **added; BOOBS + BUM**

    So you have the money to anti up for a custom jacket to match a bike you don't own yet, but not enough in the budget to paint it?.

    What happens in a year when you don't like the bike / colour scheme any more? Get another custom jacket made?

    PS. Don't send me links to images like that when I'm at work, we've talked about this before.
    PSS. It's slightly toolish to get leathers that match your bike.
  5. Spend the money on doing stuff on the trip??? Cause I mean, matching leathers won't make where you end up any different, but it might change what you can afford to do when you get there though.

    Just my thoughts.

    But then, I like the white and blue Daytonas...
  6. I agree with above... while matching leathers and bike can SOMETIMES look cool, more often than not it doesn't and as noted, if you get rid of the bike you're stuck. I think just stick with leathers that look cool no matter what bike. Don't know why the white would yellow either, my A* jacket hasn't yellowed in 2.5 years and i've seen plenty of other white leather jackets that haven't either.
  7. Re: Leather Jacket Delimer **added; BOOBS + BUM**

  8. The jacket is getting made regardless, just the colours have to be finalised, and before I leave.

    Interesting; don't you have full black leathers and black bike?? :?

    Decision reached. Thanks! :)
  9. Ooh, what pretty jacket's gonna match my pretty motorbike?

  10. posting that last pic will cost you another 2 decent bums. that was horrible! :LOL:
  11. Pins anyone?
  12. :LOL: +1 dude