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Leather jacket colours

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Rach_86, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. Hey people,
    Was looking at getting my first leather jacket. :)
    Only problem is Im not sure what colour I should get. This isnt a vain thing its more a choice of what is going to work best.
    Im worried that if I go for the black it will get super hot in the summer sun. The other choice is the lighter, but Im worried this will get really dirty. So my main question is does a black leather jacket make riding in summer a lot hotter or would there be not much diffrence????? :?

    Input is defanitly needed THANKS!!! :wink:
  2. I only have black leather jackets so i can only comment on these. I really feel the heat, but in the warm weather i can wear leather all the time. The only killer is when you are stopped, but whilst moving i dont find it an issue. There are also different types of leather jackets too. I have a few including a perforated Joe Rocket one which is specifically designed for summer. If you have the time try on different brands in the store and then get on ebay as in the states you will find heaps more styles and save a few bucks..

  3. just don't get a brown jacket, don't wanna look like anyone else we know :grin:
  4. yeah what blue12 said, mines black and red and its never a prob riding :)
  5. Got a black one, and a blue one. Not the same thought. Blue ones got vents. Both heat up when stopped. I agree that there is no problem while in motion.
    As for getting dirty. I surpose if ur wearing a light colour jacket, the squahed bugs would be visible.
  6. Well. I was going to get a white shift jacket when I realized that althought it looks kewl, it'd get dirty too easily.

    I ended up getting the grey fire camo, nad even then you can see when ti's getting dirty....bleh..

    I've just ordered a black Icon jacket tho', (again I was going to get white.) but then this one has small holes in the leather to get the wind thru. I'd say that when you're riding it wouldn't really make a difference.
  7. Usually people match the colours to their bike!
    As for the heat its only when you stop that you feel the heat.
  8. Yeah I have a dark blue leather jacket and it is fine in the summer but when you are in stop start traffic it does get a little toasty. As for a lighter / white jacket, so long and you care for it and use leather treatment on it, the jacket will stay surprisingly clean. Also you are on a 250 and I assume some time sooner rather than later you will be upgrading so maybe when you are looking at a jacket look at colours in line with what type of bike you might be looking at in the future, either that or just get a jacket with neutral colours.

    It really is just up to you, if there is a jacket that you just really want, whether light or dark, it will be a great buy, just make sure you look after it properly.
  9. Black leathers are probably the most universal when it comes to matching it with a bike colour. It does mean though that your better off with a black helmet and black tinted visor, and 'Ghostrider' tattood across your butt cheek.
  10. But aren't they they sexiest jacket around hands down :D I bought the desert camo, yum... what do u use to clean it? (considering its got a differen't type of leather for the camo areas-- its not jus simple black leather)

    It hasn't been that hot lately so i can't comment on these specifically, but every jacket gets extremely extremely hot in summer; you just have to live with it, or skimp on gear by getting those mesh ones (which don't hold up well in stacks).
  11. I seen this leather jacket with vents on it!
    I think it was Colins, worth $700!
    Not sure how well it works though. Anyone tried it?
  12. Grunge, the current one that you are having looks good...

    Which Icon jacket you get? Are the size different from normal meassuing?
  13. Ouch @ $700!

    I picked up a blue dri rider climate control for about $270 at team moto, lots of armour wear it counts. It has a wet and a warmth layer than can both be taken out, leaving just the armour and mesh. Has some silver reflectors on it and is great for summer, keeps me very cool, important as I just hate the heat.

    When I'm doing the dawn runs I just put in the other layers, very easy to do. They both zip out but I just leave the wet and warm layers zipped together and treat it as a seperate jacket that I put on before the actual jacket.

    All in all, very satisfied.
  14. I have an A* Stunt jacket, black, red and white. The white gets dirty I clean it no problemo.

    The venting is fantastic, keeps me very cool when riding
  15. I have a all black dainese leather jacket (winter) and also a black and orange dainese leather jacket (summer) tell you the truth 35 degrees plus the heat from the bike and cars its not going to make a huge difference.
    Only thing i can suggest is black makes it a little harder for drivers to see u.
    Ive always had black bikes so i matched my leathers to my bike (except for the old nuclear red Tripple)
  16. Hi Guys!

    I know Ixon do a waterproof and breathable leather jacket called satanic for $639.95....
    has armour in it too.
    They look awesome too.....
  17. singlet+leather jacket=chicks will dig lol
  18. cool thanks guys. Im looking at ordering an icon jacket off ebay. They just have some really good looking jackets for chicks. Pitty there isnt too much in the other brands.
    Although it is improving.
  19. Look at Tiger Angel, too...they make to fit and you can choose your colours. I recommend having some brightcolour on your jacket as it DOES make you a little more visible. I have a black jacket with a red strip around the chest....

  20. Lil you need to post a pic of you in your Tiger Angel; sales would go though the roof!!!!