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Leather jacket care

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by whatisk, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. So, just bought a leather jacket finally after months of looking around on and off for what I was after - Roland Sands Barfly.
    Now my question is, how best to care for it so I get the maximum life out of it? What product/s are best for cleaning/conditioning it?
    I did a bit of a search here, but the most recent thread along similar lines I could find was back in 2012, so just wondering if things have changed or new/better products are now out there.

    Cheers all.

  2. If it gets wet let it dry naturally and not in direct sunlight, then use a leather conditioner to put the oils back into the leather.

    Other than that wipe the bugs of with some mild warm soapy water.
  3. As above.

    I have some high end leather car products that I use on the leather at home and in the car. It's great, but the cost to benefit probably isn't worth it for the average punter, just get a good, of the shelf product.
  4. Dubbin. $5 from woollies.
    Been around since they needed to condition their horse harnesses in medieval times.
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  5. There is a beeswax formula you can get for leather. Can't remember what it's called. Pretty sure your local leather store should know about it. Have a mate whos been riding for 40 years, and he swears by it.
  6. I just Purchased

    Motul Perfect Leather.

    The ShopOwner Swears by it .... its does everything leather on a bike , boots jackets , saddle bags

    I love Leather Jackets, feels
    weird if your not wearing leather on a cruiser :)

  7. I used to use Dubbin for years about 20 years ago. I now use Oakwood leather conditioner (for the past 7 or so years). You can get a pack of Oakwood leather cleaner and conditioner at Woolworths, but I now buy either a 500g or 1kg jar available at saddleries etc (lasts ages). Works well, maintains the leather, makes it subtle and also assists in waterproofing it. I also use it on my motorcycle seat and leather lounges at home. You can tell the difference in a well maintained to a non maintained jacket/pants etc.
  8. Cheers all for the replies. I've also seen good reviews on Renapur Leather Balsam, but will check out the local Woolies first.
  9. Renapur is good. Been using it on my leathers and gloves for a few years. Its easiest to put it on on a nice hot day!
  10. Hi guys, what about the inside? My M2R wraith jacket has one of those anti bacterial liners but it doesn't appear to be removable? Is there a way to wash the liner? Sprays or anything?
  11. You can put it into the dry cleaners, or hand wash the jacket in a large sink or bathtub.

    Allow the jacket to dry naturally in a ventilated area and then condition the leather.
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  12. I'd try wiping with a DAMP soapy cloth, then a clean DAMP cloth to get rid of the soap then let it dry. I've always used martha gardeners wool mix for that sort of thing. take my chances with the koalas (its eucalyptus scented)
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