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Leather Jacket Care - Best Product?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by razorcat, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. I've been rained on a bit lately and my jacket is looking like it's a thousand years old.

    Just wondering if any of you can recommend a leather cleaning/softening/preserving/rejuvenating product that I can apply to my jacket?

  2. dubbin
    supermarket 5 bucks.did my jacket
    makes softer and shinier so u may not want that
    ive heard you can use moistoriser
  3. Oh that's the stuff the horse riders use for the saddles? I'll check it out.

    Thanks (y)
  4. it goes kinda shiny and slimy
    then soaks in nice .
    so allow time
  5. Skidmore's Biker Edition Leather Cream
  6. Easy option is to just get some regular moisturiser and rub copious amounts on, leave it overnight to soak in, then wipe it down with a towel the next morning. Has worked well for me so far :)
  7. Might be hard to explain the large tub of moisturiser and towel to others though ;).
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  8. I use Renapur and it works well. Just need to rub it in well.
  9. Renapur is what I use as well
  10. I got some "bike it" (a UK company) leather soap which is really good at cleaning the leathers, especially the white strip I have on the jacket, and it hasn't caused any issues with the gold embroidery on the jacket.

    I got the leather conditioning cream as well from bike it, but it seems to leave streaks unless I rub it in a lot with a slightly damp cloth.
  11. +1 for Renapur
  12. I use the beeswax based products that those people are always trying to flog at trade shows/Agi shows etc.

    The ones where they will treat your shoes for you, then push you to buy.
  13. I have used Joseph Lyddy product called Zorbel
  14. I saw that yesterday at the Expo. The spruikers were so bad it was like walking down the main drag of Phuket!!
  15. I have been using Mothers leather care. Its probably not the cheapest but even so has lasted more than two years so far.

    When i bought my leathers the salesman recommended the stuff over the dainese own product.
    You definitely notice it on the gloves. They went hard from getting wet and after a good rubbing from the Mothers they've come up really pliable and soft. Even where the leathers have some road rash the leather care seams to still help. I believe it also helps water proof them. How much, I do not know.
  16. Do you put this sort of stuff on leather pants too? Or does it make them too slippery?
  17. Effax Leder Balsam.... works for me...doesn't have a picture of a horse on it so its 1/2 the price
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  18. Yeah I do the whole leathers. However I always do it at least a day before my next ride. So as to give time for it to soak in. So that it's not shiny and slippery.
  19. if you want to clean leather, then nothing is as good as a damp cloth. if you have grease, then a bit of morning fresh in the damp cloth. wipe it clean though, with a clean damp cloth, then dry towel. allow to dry.

    to preserve, use a non-lanolin based leather cleaner. to waterproof, use gee-why (saddle soap) effax (best) or dubbin. automotive leather creams do not last.

    also important to know: do not leave the leather in the dark moist area like a cupboard. moisture is the enemy (including sweat) and if you leave the leather (even if cleaned) then in a months time you will have mold & mildew growth all over the leathers. it's because of the oils in the products used to preserve the leather. So hang them up in the garage.

    If you need to clean mould / mildew, then a 50/50 mix of warm water and methylated spirits applied liberally with a chux / microfibre cloth, and some fairly regular changes of water. wipe clean with the same concoction, and them wipe dry with a clean dry cloth. let the leather dry out completely before applying any care products.