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leather jacket blocks my view?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Atlas, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Hi folks

    ive got a problem where i cannot see sh!t with my rear view mirrors. No matter how i adjsut it the only thing i can see is my elbows. Ive recently discovered that without the jacket, i can see perfectly whats behind me (nb.. doesnt mean i was squidding.. just did some tests without the jacket).

    are u folks having the same problem? im riding cibby250rr.

  2. Problem?

    That's normal dood.

    Just lift your elbow, you'll get used to it ;)
  3. shit are u serious vic?

    so do u constantly list your elbow whilst riding to check whats behind u then?
  4. Here's an idea: forget about mirrors altogether. Turn your head instead - might just save your life :wink:
  5. yup, move you elbow or head to gain a clear view behind you. Do your headchecks too
  6. Flap your elbows up and down while making chicken noises. Great rear visibility, and you also get extra space on the road for some reason.
  7. Try adjusting your mirrors where they are connected to the fairing, that might help to get a different angle.
    Otherwise the chicken dance is your only option :LOL:
  8. the cibby mirrors are pretty poor. have a look out for aftermarket ones.
  9. hahaha i just spat coffee all over my keyboard
  10. If you're going fast enough, surely it doesn't matter what is behind you anyway? Just ask nicholas, I'm sure he'd know :LOL:
  11. Welcome to the penalties of riding a pseudo-race bike on the roads :LOL:

    Short of putting some sort of extensions on the mirror stalks, or losing LOTS of weight, the chicken dance seems to be your best choice. Besides, you can provide free amusement for your fellow road-users, and that can't be bad :).
  12. lol.. should i wear a feather custome too? :LOL:

    Well i find that headchecks are good when taking off or overtaking.. where as id like to use the mirrors to see if some hoon has suddenly decided to tail gate me whilst cruising the straight..

    Anyhows thanks for the replies folks.
  13. i set my mirror so it shows the car behind me at least if i am rear ended.
  14. On my FZR I have to move me arm up to see behind me :eek:
  15. even though i can probably see more than you when it comes to viewing the mirrors on my bike i still move my elbows to get a better look.

    i'm not a big fan of this, but if it's an issue you may want to try something like this:

    bar end mirrors


  16. strangely enough that does work.
  17. You can usually get mirror extenders that move ur mirrors 1inch further away from the bike to give more visability