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leather jacket and rain

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by alwayseric, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. sydney rained last night and drizzling this morning when i came out to work. i was hesitant to put on the leather jacket, just because i was under such an impression leather jacket doesnt like rain/water and i should wear my textile water proof jacket. at last i still wore the leather one,'cos it has far better armor. as a red p plater, i prefer the best protection i can get particularly in a more risky circumstance.

    but can anyone explain to me it is true leather doesnt like rain? i think leather is water proof and as long as it is not sorbed and wiped dry quickly after you get to the destination, it should be ok, isnt it?
  2. cows don't seem to mind the rain.
    and i've never seen a farmer out there wiping them dry.
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  3. as long as it dried either will be fine.

    textile is as safe as leather, the difference between the two is in leather you will slide and in the wet you will slide more....

    textile as an advantage due to the body armour will take some of the bounce from the road where as the leather will transfer the bounce straight on to your body
  4. the leather jacket is also filled with armours which are of better quality than the ones in the textile one.
  5. leather conditioner and waxes help. I use renapur but there's lots
    if leathers get really wet it can take ages to dry them
  6. Link not working. "Can't find crossbars.com.au"
  7. just try searching renapur. I think I found mine on ebay. Its good stuff.
  8. I use Kiwi Protect-all Waterproof spray on my leather gear, it does work but it needs to be regularly applied for best results.
  9. I use beezwax on mine, as long as the leather gets some 'condition' so the leather doesnt dry out.
  10. I was given a 30 year old Kangaroo Leather jacket. Made by Stateline I believe, by a client who's husband had passed away some time ago.

    I've never conditioned it and I wore it in the rain several times. It's very heavy and durable but it's incredibly pliable.

    On the other hand, my brother bought a new Alpine Stars racing suit and for some odd reason his wife decided it needed to be washed.
    She took it out of the machine and hung it out to dry. Now it stands up all on its own and is as hard as a rock.

    Now I know she shouldn't have washed it, but I'm not sure if it's cow leather that reacts this way to getting wet or all leathers. But my jacket got worn through the Christmas day "Cyclone" and is still as soft as ever.
  11. Alpine jacket needs 'conditioning' and kangaroo I believe is softer but has great protection qualities
  12. i will condition my a* jacket tonight using the one bought for "oroton" leather bag. lol
  13. Main thing is, if it does get real wet........ ferfcuksake dont stick it in front of the heater to dry or some other high temp artificial means........drying it like this could very well dry out/damage the leather
    Dry it, in the shade in a breezeway.... not in the sun..... and Yes, rub conditioner in it.
  14. A bit too simplistic. There's all sorts of leathers and textiles.

    FWIW I recommend a rainjacket over the leather if the OP prefers the leather, which he seems to.
  15. +1 for rain overjacket.

    Compact and easy
  16. I HAVE to condition my gloves after they get wet...

    1) They get hard if I don't, and
    2) Otherwise they smell like arse!
  17. Put your leather jacket in the sun for a short while and then rub bees wax thoroughly into it,

    My last Leather jacket only lasted me 40 odd years with the Bees wax treatment. I bought it when I was 16,

    Bigger chest and longer arms, Made it redundant, Still wear the same size jeans tho, So it wasnt that I got fat, Hahahahahaha
  18. link works for me as someone said just search on google. they usually have a stand at the bike shows, where I got mine. maybe
  19. I just wipe mine down with a cloth if it ever gets wet, still good.
  20. It's suede that can't get wet.

    Dubbin is a good leather conditioner too. Meant for boots but does jackets etc.