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Leather Jacket advice

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Disco_Dave, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Hi All,
    I am looking to buy a good set of leathers (jacket and pants - i am happy to get them separate, although would like them to zip together so must be same brand) and just wanted some thoughts/advice.

    Protection to me is #1, and from what i have read and have been told the dianese stuff is as good as it gets with its patented leather treatment and hard shelled armour (or can someone recommend another brand or jackets?).

    I am looking for:
    - good for warm weather (ie. will need some vents)
    - still ok for a light spray/shower (i know leather is no good for the rain but i would like not to get completely soaked if there is a small drizzle). This is why I am thinking perforated is no good.
    - i am not a big fan of the back humps so preferrably a jacket without that
    - shoulder and elbow/forearm armour (preferrably shoulder sliders). I will be buying a separate back protector
    -more of a racer/sports style jacket

    So far the dainese alien pelle jacket (non perforated version) has caught my eye as it seems to fit all the above.

    Any general advice or if someone has had a good experience with a particular jacket then i would like to hear.


  2. I have a Teknic Violator. Excellent jacket. A little bit pricey in Australia, but if you buy from the USA you can grab em for half the price, literally.

    It does have a hump, but they have other jackets that dont come with a hump. But remember the hump provides extra protection for your back and your neck/head (stops your head from 'snapping' back)

    Its perforated, but i have been in heavy rain and hail and still turned out dry. Generally the holes are too small for water droplets to seep through.

    Cant fault it at all and im sure itll go together nicely with some Teknic Mercury leather pants (which im about to order from america for $200).

    It comes with a removable back protector, so if its not enough you can always grab an aftermarket protector. Has some excellent elbow pads and some plastic shoulder pads with vents. Also has some slight stomach padding. Oh, and it has a removable winter liner! Absolutely amazing - cant feel the cold while riding at night during winter!

    I came off my bike with this jacket a few years ago and i didnt feel a thing.
  3. once you get to the high end stuff, custom made is an option. have a look at tiger angel
    shop is in north melbourne and you can get measured up there
  4. Pah, they were among the best about ten years ago, till they moved all the production out of Italy...

  5. I am very impressed with the RST range. Med prices but exceptional quality
  6. Look for Shift closeouts in the United States. Depending on your size you could score some great prices.

    Also, check sportbiketrackgear.com for Teknic or other closeouts. Jakewilson.com is another great resource.

    I personally like a lot Revit, Scorpion and Shift.