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Leather Jacket: A*, Dainese still quality brands?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Velox, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. With cooler months, potential track days and a bike upgrade on the horizon, I'm looking at purchasing a quality leather jacket. A few requirements: one that can be zipped to pants for occasions that call for it; perforated as I'm from Brissie and we only have 3 seasons (summer, autumn & spring); and safety being paramount.

    Ive only been riding for a year now, so not a whole lot of experience when it comes to purchasing gear, but after reading a lot of posts it appears that brands like A* and Dainese, whilst being safe gear, is no longer very reliable in terms of quality or workmanship. I've looked at spidi and RS Taichi but they seem few and far between.

    At the moment my gear consists of ixon textile w/ Dainese back insert, shoei xr1100 and dri-rider gloves (Kevlar jeans to be purchased with jacket).

    Question is, are expensive brands still quality brands? If so which ones? Which brands/jackets to avoid? I'm looking at the A* Atem jacket but very unsure... Thanks in advance

  2. just buy the ones that make your arse look good
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  3. Haha... I'm trying to avoid looking like a Squid, but the jackets I'm drawn towards don't really help.
  4. Have lowsided in A* leathers (the Jaws jacket) at 70km/h and they held up perfectly. Still wear them. (Had to replace a fabric panel on the left arm sleeve but the leather is still perfectly fine, albeit a little scratched up).

    I also really like my Atem jacket. Worn it to the track with no hesitation. They zip up to any A* leather pants so you don't need to buy a two-piece specifically (e.g. if your torso is one size larger/smaller than your pants size, you can mix and match).

    Also, I don't think these jackets make you look like a squid, maybe a power ranger but squid = wearing tank top and shorts...
  5. RS Taichi is some of the best you can get IMHO. The leather they use comes from cows specifically grown for their hide. And besides, when it comes to motorcycles Japan = ichiban.
  6. How do cows without hide keep their guts in?
  7. They wear mesh jackets
  8. I can always rely on you for enlightenment Womble, you are a true sage my friend.
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    Yes, yes. The meat is used too. But there are differences between Brazilian vs Japanese cowhide and the way they cut, stitch and colour the leather.

    Edit: Having said that, lower tier RS Taichi products are made with Brazilian cowhide, it's the top tier suits etc that are the special stuff so this may not have been the best thread in which to express my love for RS Taichi.
  10. The GMX Motion was on sale for 40% a few weeks back. Got one for myself. Great jacket, motion panels in all the right spots, very comfortable. Lots of perforation too. You should get one if you can afford it.
  11. Cheers, I'll look further into RS Taichi. Haven't heard or seen much of the brand prior to joining here, but the general consensus seems to be very positive. I don't really want to spend more than $700-$800 but motorcycle race gear seem to price higher end RS Taichi jackets below $700 (from what I can tell) - pitty they are all out of stock at the moment.

    I assume the GMX Motion Vented falls within the top of the range Jackets for RS Taichi?

    Thanks for all the feedback/advice to date - it's been hard to tell good advice from bad when its closely followed by a sales pitch
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  13. Problem with A*, Dainese, and other big brands is that they introduced "cheap" product lines. Their cheap product lines are no better than any of the cheap brands.
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  14. Stupid business model.
    I bought a pair of A* GPX gloves from a walk in m/c accessories shop.
    The synthetic suede on the palms wore through on the grips in less than 2000km.
    Yes, got a refund but I will never buy one of their jackets or any thing else.
  15. My A* Supertech R boots are still going strong after five years. I'm not so keen on their gloves and jackets though, as AlGroover said, above. They wear out quickly.
  16. I think it is true as Tas man says, you get what you pay for. If A* or Dainese bring out budget gear they have probably cut the cost somewhere. I have some A* stuff and I find it comfortable and fits well. Haven’t had an off with the gear so can't comment on the protection. But if you want Max protection then you will have to pay extra.
  17. Thanks Jem. We mostly work with race suits though. I was just going to let this thread roll along and listen to people's opinions.

    Long story short, you get what you pay for.
  18. Aero
    Schott Leather Jackets NYC

    heavy weight steer-hide holds out very well, horse hid is just as if not more resilient but with a lighter weight but stiffer leather (the best u can buy in my book) a lot of these companies will work with u to incorporate a back protector into ur jacket if u like & any other safety equipment as they make custom made pieces tailored to u (apart from Dianese & Schott [ask them anyway])

    down side is u have to wait will the leather they need is in stock
  19. Understand but reckon your Hydro jacket could be just the ticket for him. I am still saving my pennies for one.

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  20. The lesson is don't let the brand name fool you.

    Learn what to look actually for in a quality jacket rather than trying to find out which brand will be best.
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