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leather iron man suit

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by glowstix047, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. i found this while i was looking for a costume this halloween. http://www.udreplicas.com/featured/mark-v/

    basically its an iron man suit made out of leather which can also be used as a riding suit. Cost comes down to $998US for the jacket, pants and gloves + extra foot boots. I know its a bit dorky but im at the age where i often go to alot of costume parties and it'll be cool to rock up to a party on a bike as iron man and take off your helmet only to put on another one. MY question is if you had $998 US dollars would you buy it if you were in my position?

  2. Haha, I'm not sure it actually looks all that much more outrageous than regular leathers! :p Fun idea though, go for it if you fancy - I'm kinda surprised it isn't red/gold rather than red/silver.
  3. I'd say marvel has a copyright on the red/gold version and it would need to be endorsed by them.
  4. OMFG!!... that would sooooooooo go with my helmet ponytail!!....8-[
  5. "I find your lack of indication while changing lanes disturbing"
  6. I'd much rather this.

  7. +1. If I saw that on the street I probably wouldn't notice. But then, I'm unfamiliar with either the character or the film.
  8. It's says it's 'officially licenced' on the webpage. Which is kinda why I'm surprised.
  9. Not in a million years.
  10. well i was planning to buy an alpinestar jacket end of this year from the states so ... i might consider it. costumes parties are a big thing with the crowd i hang around and halloween is getting bigger each year so, maybe it'll be a good investment haha
  11. maybe if it looked like the proper suit

    but that one seems kindof....gay? :-s
  12. I think folk would think you were kind of cool, right up until you told them that you actually bought it and how much money you spent.