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Leather in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by OldBellHelmet, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Ill be in melbourne the first week of january and as im in the market for some leather duds was thinking of getting them down there. anyone recommend a good place. im staying in sunbury but am happy to go to the city or whereever it turns out.

  2. what are you after? top end custom? off the rack? cheapish?
  3. more off the rack and of course on the cheaper side..new bike took all my money.
  4. Any particular style you're after? Black Rose sell decent enough gear at a good price however the higher percentage of their stock is more cruiser oriented - Brando jacket based styles, touring jackets and pants etc. Worth a look in...they will do alterations as well if you can't find the perfect fit.
  5. yeah saw them online and was thinking of dropping in. just after something simple for longer rides, like a day out
  6. Defintely worth going to. If you don't like the Brando look, they've got a range of plainer black jackets and touring jackets - prices are good and the quality is pretty good.

    Some of their touring pants have not the best zips on the bottom of the legs - why they have the YKK on their jackets and not on some of the pants I don't know. Anyway I've bought several things from there and other than the issue with one of those zips failing, I'd recommend you stop in.
  7. black rose sell one and two piece leathers. I have a one piece that I like.
    (they fit the fuller figure) Only single stitched though. Bargain very hard if you go there.
    Ring a few shops as there could be sales.
    AMX in Keilor might have something.
    The old 1300kawasaki in ferntreegully is now peter stevens and are clearing old stock. (03 97576000)
    bikemart in ringwood is an old favourite.
    ray quincey in little latrobe st has 2nd hand leathers. they are sharks so bargain there too.
    I'm in the east so thats all I have experience with.
  8. no probs. i have set aside a day to look for them and just bum around bike shops so im sure ill cover most.
  9. Ok I need to qualify this after looking again at the zips on my pants! They ARE actually YKK on the pants as well - but plastic, not metal ones :? Seems YKK can put out crap zips after all.
  10. Plastic doesn't mean they're crap. I've never busted a YKK zip yet, plastic or not. Busted plenty of cheap metal ones, though.

    If you've got enough dosh, Tiger Angel usually have a rack of seconds and remaindered items in their reception area, in West Melbourne. Still not really cheap, but a fair saving on the usual price.

    The guy at Vic Market on Sat/sun sells Black Rose stuff a little bit cheaper.
  11. and thanks again..
  12. No but my point is that YKK can produce crap zips and they aren't infallible - not that plastic ones are therefore crap. I've had a metal YKK zip fail before too. One of the pairs of pants I initially tried on in the store had a dodgy zip, which they immediately removed from display to replace the zip, and the ones I ended up buying failed within a couple of months of limited use.

    EDIT - AAA zips on my Mars leather jacket are still going strong after 20+ years of use. Those things seem to be bomb proof :LOL:
  13. A good place for leather dacks in Melbourne, just near the CBD...
    Eagle Leather


  14. since you know where it is maybe we could both go :smileysex:
  15. um... pass :shock:
  16. i guess if you have a wardrobe full of their gear already you probably dont want anymore. fair enough.
  17. :rofl: respect to experience :blackeye:

    I too can use some of these gr8 suggestions, I was just wondering about cheapish yet good leathers for my hubby . OBH - hope u enjoy ur stay in Melb.
  18. The Prince of Wales Hotel. St.Kilda - is a great place to find leather. :smileysex:

    Is a great venue for live bands too.

    Dinner and a show!!!
  19. oh hellfire was soooooo much beta Gavin! much, much more variety - but u know that already ei :smileysex: :cheeky: