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Leather gloves

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Somatic, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Hey fellas, I just bought a pair of leather gloves and took them out for a ride. They feel terrible!! I don't know if they are too small or if it's just a thing with leather that needs to stretch and seat in. I spent a bit of cash on them too so it would suck if they aren't gonna work for me.

    They felt fine in the shop, bit this morning when I started riding they were terrible
  2. first time? not broken in yet? not been sweated in? not been wet? Give them time !!
  3. my dainese gp-pro gloves fit like a ....wait for it......

    glove! hahaha!
  4. +1. Do this.
  5. Yeah it takes time, they probably feel tighter in the finger tips because of gripping the bars, which you often dont do in store.

    As the others said, give it time.
  6. I went and bought some Aldi gloves yesterday arvo, I used them first time this morning and they felt strange, I reckon by the end of the week, the stretching MIGHT be enough to feel 'normal' but I will keep wearing them, the older ones 'fit like a glove' but feel pox compared to these newies.. and for $29 why not!! lol
  7. It's so weird. I really hope they do stretch in. It's affected my whole ride. I just got home and had the most frustrating ride ever
  8. sounds like they're too small.
    take 'em back and try on the next size bigger.
    what gloves are they? got a pic?
    p.s, if you're gonna keep them, soak them in warm water then wear them around the house after squeezing the dripping water off, but while still wet.
    this speeds up break-in.
  9. Dont take them back they WILL break in if they are good quality leather gloves. it just takes time, wear them around the house and clench and unclench your fists over and over again (when your watching tv for example) This will break them in quite quickly as it simulates going for the clutch/brake.
  10. Or use leather conditioner to soften the leather??
  11. They are pretty decent quality. Ixon rs kings. I don't think they are too small. It doesn't feel that way when I pull them on, just feels restricted when riding
  12. well in that case they must be fine!:shock:
  13. Tried pissing on them yet? :D

    I've just gotten a pair os A* summer gloves, and they're the same. Fit excellent in the shop, on the bike however...

    It's just breaking in. My winter gloves (now that its over) fits snugly and comfortable.
  14. Ok, luckily I could exchange them. Got a size up and it's much better now.
  15. I wouldnt put anything other than water on them. The thought of slippery gloves.......